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From: mrmarcpolo (FmYahooGroups@RenSoftware.Com)
Date: Tue 12 Nov 2002 - 17:47:52 EET

I'm the one who asked if Stormsteads could start again, so I'd like to thank you all for what's gone before, and to argue not only for the whole cow, but the nits too.

I for one delight in the detail, and hope the group can support cow counters as well as story tellers. Maybe the way to segregate the technical stuff is with a header prefix, like DETAILS. Those who wish can then skip it.

Just before the hiatus, I sent John a draft Cow Calculator application written for Windows 9x. It asks you how many people and how much land belong in a given Heortling group (stead, bloodline or lodge) and then maximizes resources -- like plowherds, flocks and pigs -- to available labor and land, deducts the "tithe," dues, taxes and Lunar tributes and reports on the resulting standard of living, census counts in broad age groups, and levels of craft, trade, foodstuff, fodder and fuel demand. It's now in a more advanced version, FWIW.

I'm reluctant to skew the discussion into technical directions by offering this up for comment, but I'd be pleased to mail it to anyone who wants to play with this or discuss it with me. The software does not mess with your system: it's one executeable that just runs, no registry calls no need to uninstall apart from erasing the file.

Mark Leymaster

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