Swenstead Inhabitants: Web Update

From: John Hughes (nysalor@iprimus.com.au)
Date: Wed 13 Nov 2002 - 13:02:02 EET

Gedday folks

Before our group hiatus I think I finally worked out the kinks of the age distribution table - obtaining a population pyramid that didn't require all the women to be constantly pregnant. I also checked with Greg about the notorious 'half the stead are children' quote on p. 18 of Thunder Rebels. He confirmed that it was merely a way of stating that the population sustains itself - the mathematics hadn't been thought through.

So there are a few new things on the website.


The results are up in both web-table form and as a downloadable spreadsheet at


Apart from our two Ring members - Iskalli, Korang, and Korang's family - most of the stead is just name and bare details. Folk are welcome to 'grab' individuals for futher detailing.

While you're at the site, have a look at what's up and what needs detailing. Many of the background descriptions can be done up in just a few paragraphs. So if you're feeling motivated... go ahead!



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