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Deus Vult is a supplement to MoonGoose Legend RPG rules, originally called Rune Quest II, set in medieval Europe. We are all monks of a secret order in the Catholic church to fight all kinds of evil at any price. My character is Bleidcum of Devon, while his comrades are Daufer Benevento and Überto from Italy and Hamlin Nombreaux from France.
Here are the adventures our group has played:
  1. A letter from Paris
  2. The disappearance of Sir Guy de Bretagne
  3. Fetching a dangerous book
  4. Mysterious Killings in Bacharach
A letter from Paris
As our first mission we had to leave for Paris to fetch a document to our monastery Mont St Michel. It was an easy task, but then on our way back, we were ambushed by eight highway robbers. Hamlin was the killer, by getting three of the robbers killed. The rest of the journey went without any other hassles and the document was delivered to the abbot.
The disappearance of Sir Guy de Bretagne
Late the same summer, Sir Guy de Bretagne, an old knight who had been to the holy land, had decided to donate a valuable relic to the monastery. It was the "Hand of the Penintent Thief", one of the thiefs who had been crusified together with Our Lord Jesus and asked penintence for his sin's from Jesus. This relic was a powerful holy item and much sought after. Sir Guy hed left from his castle on a pilgrimage towards the monastery, but did not come there on the expected day. We were summoned to the Master's about a week later, and our task was to go and search for Sir Guy and the relic. Hamlin was appointed as the leader for this mission.
The plan was to ride the pilgrimage route to the opposite direction and ask for locals if they had seen Sir Guy. In the first villages we entered, nobody knew anything about him. Two days later the group arrived to a small clearing with a few dirty huts making it a slumlike village. All the people seemed very poor and were dressed in dirty rags. A man called Anton hailed us welcome and told that his wife was ill, and asked us to help her in the name of our Lord. Brother Überto went and checked the patients condition. It was very dirty inside the hut and it smelled awful. After examining the wife, Überto recognized the illnes as the Plague. When this was told to the village elders, they wanted to drive out the family, but that would spread the disease even wider, thus Überto took the awful task of killing the whole family and together with the villagers, they burned the hut and all belongings of the family. The bodies of the family was ordered to be buried in the woods by the villagers.
The next evening the group met some hunters, who told that there were very evasive wolves around, who seemed to sense the presence of traps. The hunters continued on their hunt, while the group made camp for the night. During Bleidcums watch, they were attacked by eight wolves. Bleidcum killed three of the wolves, while Überto stopped two, before the wolves retreated. But before that a very large wolf, possibly a Hell-Hound, attacked once Bleidcum before it also ran away. After some healing of wounds, the night passed by without other interruptions.
The next day they met a trade caravan, which had for same a remarkable horse, that they were sure was Sir Guy's. As the tradesman wasn't in for selling it, it was taken by power and the group left for the village "Arbrenoir", outside which the tradesman had bought the horse. In the village nobody wanted to take any contact, all villagers shrudded away from the group. In the very small Inn, a barmaid recognized the horse and told that Sir Guy had been in the village about a week and half ago. The Inn was very small, it had just a few tables, a bardisk and two rooms upstairs. As the evening was approaching, the group had supper at the Inn, after which Überto and Daufer went to the small village chappel to see if there were any leads about Sir Guy, but nothing was found.
In the middle of the night, when Daufer was keeping his watch, he woke up the rest of the group trying to get his breath back and signaling that he was being strangled. Soon after this a thin red ropelike mark appeared on his throat. It seemed like a manifestation of something that had happened before in this room. All armor and equipment was taken on, and the group went down and broke into the Innkeepers room. After some harsh interrogation, he broke and told a story how some months ago three men had hanged a woman living nearby, Mathilda, as a witch. When she was hanging in the hanging tree outside the village she cursed the village with her last breath. A few weeks later the Innkeeper saw a ghost like her in the village. A month ago a villager, Albert, was killed the way like he had been strangled, and two weeks ago another villager was killed in the same way. All the villagers were very afraid of the curse. During this story Bleidcum heard a knocking sound from below the building. Behind the bardisk was a trapdoor leading to the cellar, and there they found Sir Guy tied and gaggled. To fight against the curse, the Innkeeper, his wife and the two barhands had overpowered Sir Guy to get the relic and put it outside the bar as a holy item against the curse. Sir Guy's servant had been killed, but they didn't dare to kill him. All Sir Guy's items were also found in the cellar.
The next morning they caught also the second barhand, and sent a message to the local baron about the murder and capture of Sir Guy. The group went to the hanging tree in the black forest to the west of the village. When they found it, a insect swarm manifested and tried to attach Hamlin, who was closest. All of them hit the swarm, and it disintegrated, but a half-human half-insect being crawled up from the roots of the hanging tree. Hamlin and Überto hit both it in the head, killing it instantly. After some searching a halfrotten body was found and burned, removing the curse. Back at the village, the group accused the Innkeeper of all happenings, covering the fact about the curse and unnatural incidents. The villagers believed this instead of wanting to hear about an evil witches curse.
Sir Guy was escorted to the monastry without any problems, and he donated the relic to the order for their prayers on his sins.
Fetching a dangerous book
The order had learned that a close by monastery had a dangerous book, that needed to be replaced with a copy that didn't contain the dangerous parts. Also a subtle investigation needed to reveal if anybody had read the book. If yes, actions needed to be taken to remove all involved in it. This time Überto was appointed as the leader of the group. A disquise of being brethren wanting to read some books in the monasterys library from a further away same order monastery was made, with a fake recommendation letter from the monasterys abbot.
The four leave in the early autumn, and stay over night at a inn. During the next day they come to a clearing in the woods, with two men standing across the path demanding all equipment and money from the us, the rtich monks. Four other robbers climbed out the bushes, seeingly giving them an edge. But when the fight begun, the monks showed what they were capable of. First Daufer killed one robber and saved Hamlin, killing it in the next round. Bleidcum who got stunned on the first round, gave a revenge on the third one, killing two of the robbers. And in two more rounds Bleidcum and Daufer killed the last two ones. The bodies were dragged into the woods and burned.
A short time before the group arrived to the monastery, they hid their weapons, as they wouldn't have been able to explain their weapon arsenal as peaceful monks. In the wood just before the monastery, a monk smelling awful was walking on the path towards the group. Daufer noticed that it is a Zombie, and they attacked it. Überto and Hamlin hit first it in the head, then Daufer in the chest and finally Bleidcum could kill it with his hit also to the head. Again some wood was gathered and the corpse burned. Luckily nobody used the path during it. Once the bonfire was almost burned down, the party continued to the monastery and knocked on the gate, telling their cover story and asked to speak to the abbot. After convincing the abbot of their reason to come, they got to meet the vice abbot who then showed them around the monastery before vespers. Due to lack of space had Überto and Bleidcum sleep on the floor on a haymatress, while the two others got a bed. They discussed with the other brethren at supper after vespers before they went to see the library.
Early in the morning the had morning prayers before breakfast, and then hard labor for all until noon to "earn" their upkeep. After lunch, they finally had time to work in the library. They looked for books, and happened to ask for the one they wanted to switch. It was listed in the librarys itenary, but when they went where it should have been, it was missing from the shelf. This got the librarian very upset, a missing book! After this the librarian talked with the abbot, and the group was asked to help the librarian by going through all books in there to see if it was just misplaced. It took two days to go through all the shelves, but the book stayed missing. This was "accidentally" leaked to the other brethren on the second evening.
Überto planned to hide the normal copy the group had brought with them in the garden inside the walls the next night. When he sneaked out, Hamlin woke up. Hamlin stayed awake, and when Überto hadn't returned in over 30 mins, he too sneaked away from the dormitory. When arriving to the garden, Überto had noticed a figure standing in the middle of the garden, and had stayed waiting that it would leave. But when it didn't move for over fifteen minutes, Überto carefully sneaked closer. When he was near it, the zombie attacked Überto. Luckily Überto had his knife, and could defeat the Zombie with a single blow to the head after a few rounds of blows. Once it fell down dead, Überto hid the book on purpose that it would be found there the next morning. Then the both sneaked back unnoticed to the dormitory.
Very early in the morning the body was found, and huge uproar of curiosity broke out. What did this corpse of a earlier deceased monk do in the middle of their walled garden? Bleidcum had solved who it was, as the only one who didn't sleep in the dormitory was the cook-brother. When Hamlin followed his reactions, the cook turned and left the site where all had gathered. Hamlin managed to get the attention of the rest of the group, and they followed Hamlin. Unfortunately the cook had disappeared, and the group divided into two, with Hamlin and Überto looking in the kitchen while Bleidcum and Daufer went to the other direction. Daufer was on his way up, when Bleidcum shouted for him, as he saw the door to the store being unlocked. He continued and saw also the door out being open, and a trail of tracks was seen in the morning dew. Without waiting for the other Bleidcum started to run along the tracks. Soon Daufer came out and followed Bleidcum. In a short time they saw a monk running in the woods, but he noticed the due sprinting at full pace deeper into the woods. Still being faster, Bleidcum caught the cook and grappled him. Daufer arrived a few moments later. Then Daufer tried to interrogate the cook about the book, but fumbled with his garrotte, killing the cook before he could reveal anything. A search gave nothing but the keys to the monasterys stores. They searched forward for a few minutes in the same direction they had come from, but found nothing and returned to the monastery. The cooks corpse was left where he had died. Back at the monastery, the duo searched the stores carefully, but nothing was found.
The tranquility of the monastery was broken, wild speculations were flying around even if the abbot tried to stop them. In the evening a special cleaning ritual would be done, and the dead monk re-buried. Some laybrother had found the book in the garden, and it had been taken back into the library. All four stayed outside the monastery for the night calling it guarding the cemetary. But nothing was seen nor found there even with the searches the group made. In the morning Bleidcum was very tired when he worked again hard for his upkeep. Hamlin and Überto went to the location where the cook had been killed as described by Daufer with great accuracy. But the body was gone. Hamlin and Überto searched for tracks and found some, following them. They ended to a cave. Überto went to fetch Daufer, Bleidcum and their hidden weapons, while Hamlin stayed to guard what would happen at the cave. After some time, well before Überto and the others would return, two men came out of the cave. Hamlin attacked them singlehanded. With his first hit using his quarterstaff, Hamlin knocked out the first one, and after a few rounds the other one. But without his magical armor, the fight might have ended differently. Hamlin the tied the men, and waited for the rest. When they arrived the men were interrogated, and Hamlin tried to torture one of them. The other one told Michel (the cook) had a special book inside the cave. While Bleidcum stayed and guarded the prisoners, the others went carefully inside. Inside the small cave was two corpses, one of them being the cook Michel. Daufer found the wanted book in a creviche. After this the two men were killed, and the three corpses were burned inside the cave. The last innocent corpse was carried to the graveyard, and left there. After this the group left the monastery without going back and telling what they had discovered.
After a few uneventful days they came back to their own monastery at Mont St.Michel, and all gave a report of the findings, what happened and what was the actions taken to remove all knowledge of dark arts.
Mysterious Killings in Bacharach
A piece of news arrived to the Monastery, that half-eaten human bodies were found near the city of Bacharach. The party was sent to investigate and remove the cause of the killings. Daufer was this time chosen as the leader of the group. Bacharach is a city of about 1000 inhabitants and with a big castle above it. The cisty lived on trade and wine, which were grown along the banks of the river floating beside. In the castle lives the local lord with a respectable garrison of about 50 soldiers.
Before leaving the monastery they prepared a falsified document from the King, telling that Daufer is Alberto, one the Kings Huntsmasters, and he has been sent there with a small retinue to solve this problem before it gets bigger. After the preparation of the document, an uneventful week went travelling to Bacharach. At the inn the last night before arriving, the locals had heard of the deaths, but didn't know more about them.
At the gate to the city, Daufer bluffed the team into it. After getting a room in a local inn, they were walking towards the market, when they heard some commotion. The team went to look for the reason. Again somebody had been killed, this time the stomage had been eaten and a huge clawmark had ripped the head to the bare bone. The victim had been a herder watching the herd about one hour away from the city. This time it was the first time that the killing had happened daytime, previuos killings had always happened at night time. Überto found the trail to the place of death, while Bleidcum made a critical tracking manouver and found the trail of the killer leading away from the place. They were following the trail made by two naked feet, sometimes they noticed two pairs of feet. While following the faint trail, five soldiers from the local castle found the party. They started to question who the group was and what they were doing in the lords forest, pouching? Soon Jerome of Bacharach arrived, and Daufer went to talk with him in private, telling the false story of the him being the kings huntsmaster Alberto and showing the falsified letter. Jerome believed the cover, and asked the party to join him in the castle. Daufer said they will, but first they must continue with the investigation of the trail. Überto and Hamlin found where the trail continued and it ended in a natural cave. More tracks also made by shoes was found inside it. But they could not trace other tracks leading away from the cave. Daufer and Hamlin stayed in the cave as lookouts, while Überto and Bleidcum went to the city to an inn. The next morning they would arrive with lots of food that the whole team could stay in the cave for several days waiting for the killer.
The night passed coldly but uneventfully for Daufer and Hamlin, and in the morning Überto and Bleidcum came with food the bought from the city. They stayed there for almost a week until the food was finished to no avail. During the last night they heard an unnatural wolf-howl from the distance and were prepared for something to arrive, but nothing happened. As this approach didn't lead anywhere the party went to the castle to meet Lord Jerome. At the gate when Daufer showed his letter, the party was let into the castle. Daufer was taken to Lord Jerome while the rest were showed to the staff quarters. In the evening Daufer talked about the surroundings and learned about a herbalist woman living in the woods. He decided that they needed to talk to her the next day. The rest spent their evening in the kitchen, and one of the kitchenmaids laid her eyes on Bleidcum, the handsomest of them. She seduced him and they left for a private session in the hay. This was the first time for Bleidcum, as he had lived in a monastery since childhood. He used the opportunity to ask the maid for any more information, but she knew nothing of importance.
  To be continued...  

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