Welcome to Kim Englund's Homepage

  I have had a homepage since back in 1995, when I made the first pages about our RuneQuest campaign. At that time there were not so many sites, so I added links to other pages I found about RuneQuest. Then later there become more and more of them, so I stopped. At the same time I graduated, and started working full-time. My work got hold of me and updating webpages became secondary, so I stopped maintaining them for a long time. Now a few years ago I again found the interest in maintaing my pages, so since that I have been keeping these pages up to date.  

My hobbies are:

  By far the most important of my hobbies is playing roleplaying games. RuneQuest and RoleMaster were the ones I started with but currently I also play lots of other games, see them on my roleplaying pages.  
  When I have time I do like reading mostly adventure books like those by Clive Cussler and whodunnits like Agatha Christie's. One of my favourite bookseries is the Brother Cadfael series written by Ellis Peters.  
  In my youth I liked to build radio-controlled boats, which I still own, but now I haven't done anything for them for years. Still I wish I someday could get the spirit of working with them again.  

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