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Kim Englund's Glorantha™ and RuneQuest™ Pages


Active Campaigns

    The active campaigns running currently in Glorantha are:
  • The A-TEAM campaign is my main campaign

Dead Campaigns

    I have several dead campaign notes available:
  • There are some notes of the RQ 3 campaigns that have ended
  • The two RQ 2 campaigns are also dead



Other things available

  • Most important other thing is my currently small linkpage, which is just a shadow of its former glory. Last updated 28.7.2004.
  • Cory Davis' Gloranthan Calendar
  • Russel Smith's Gloranthan Calendar. Important notice! You have to have the RQ TT-Fonts made by Oliver Jovanovic in order to see the Russel's calendar properly.

Recent updates



Active Campaings

Dead Campaigns



Contact me


RuneQuest is the role playing game I started with, when I started to play role playing games in the middle of 1980's. We were a bunch of high school friends who started to play. Later I met at the university, where I was a student, other groups that I have started to play with. At the moment I am playing in one campaign in Glorantha, but I have played also in other Gloranthan campaigns which have all died. The reason why I was playing different versions of RQ comes from that, that I was a member in two different groups as a player. One of my friends also played sometimes in both groups.

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