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Written down by Haslik the Nearsighted, scribe of the Lhankor Mhy temple in New Pavis.



The warrior Axjack grew up in the west together with his warrior parents who taught him in addition to warrior skills also a great deal about how to handle the challenges in life. He also got a critical view on all authorities, especially if applied on him and he prefered to solve interpersonal conflicts with "somewhat" violent methods. This gave him already in the early days a reputation of a rebel and being difficult to cope with. In fact it was just that the more control was applied, the worse the rebel became. Interestingly enough, both the well organized and authorial ways of the Lunar Empire seemed to disturb the young Axjack almost as much as the uncontrolled but forceful ways of chaos. No wonder that Orlanth appealed already in an early stage. Axjack has however always had a bit of a problem connecting deeply with the cult despite the cult showing very similar values as those of his own. One visual sign of this and of the rebel mind is, that Axjack uses an Axe, the Rockmolders Axe made of adamant, instead of a sword as would normally be expected from an Orlanthi. During the later years Axjack has been traveling with a priest of Orlanth, Dolxx, and been loyal to him to find his way in the cult of Orlanth. This is how Axjack came to join the A-Team which happened to have values that fitted his own values very well. Axjack has now settled in the A-TEAM Inn in the Big Rubble and finds the area very much to his liking, despite the constant irritation of Lunar occupation combined with a too weak cult presence. Things may of course change over time ....violence is always an option... Axjack had the Demon Oll killed and therefore the whole A-Team become Rivervoices. See "The Polluted River" adventure. This is the greatest moment in the life of Axjack so far. Another great moment in life was when Axjack saved his priest from another plane. During this rescue mission Axjack saw Orlanth in a big open cave on top of a very high mountain. See Lord Skyppen's Mansion.

Here is something about Axjack and his way of life.

Axjack is a Wind Priest of Orlanth and a warrior from the West. As the rebel-mind he is, he uses an axe instead of a sword. His favorite axe is the Rockmolders axe made of adamant with the bound spirit Anaxidise. Also his shield is made of Iron, which he has gotten during the A-TEAM adventures.


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