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Chapter 15
Bababa's HeroQuest


After they had killed Gim-Gim and destroyed his head in the lava-pit, they left the city immediately, avoiding Lunar night patrols. Early next morning Dolxx went back to the city and got Axjack and their belongings from the inn they had used. A few hours ride outside the city, they went to a farm and Kaid-aw asked for a room for the night, as the farm obviously were followers of Yelmalio. Dolxx went and walked around the neighbourhood and found after a few hours a farm who was inhabited of Orlanthis. As it would be Orlanth's Holyday the day after next, Dolxx would lead a ceremony to the Orlanthis in the area. The people of the farm told where they usually held their ceremonies and Dolxx promised to come there. Dolxx was invited to dinner at the farm and he was asked if he would stay the night. Dolxx thanked for the offer, but said he had to go back to his friends and he would stay in their farm the next night. Meanwhile Axjack and Kaid-aw had had dinner with the farmers. Outside there had started to gather a big crowd of other Yelmalios, as they wanted to see the Light Son and Light Priest of Yelmalio themselves. The farmer and his boys kept the other people outside of the farm fencing. They wanted to hear Kaid-aw preaching to them and offering reassurance in this Lunar pested surrounding. In the evening Kaid-aw came and held a small sunset ceremony where he did a small trick with his sunbright spell. This got the people in amazement of the powers their own priest had. Axjack had sat on the porch and was laughing at the Yelmalios.

The next morning Dolxx and Axjack left for the other farm, as they did not feel very comfortable with all the Yelmalios around. There was a huge crown who wanted to be blessed by Kaid-aw but he just sat in the sun and meditated, ignoring all calls for blessings. They wanted to see same magic and powers Kaid-aw had shown the last night, but Kaid-aw refused, even if he held a small prayer for the sun to return in the morning.

The next morning Kaid-aw again decided to bless some of the Yelmalio followers and the farmer let some come inside the fencing to talk and get blessed by Kaid-aw. One man called himself Bababa, and told he felt "Sparkles in the air", while he was looking for heroes to fight with him. A spell suddenly hit Kaid-aw and he felt like he was being dragged away to somewhere else. He resisted the spell, but a second one came immediately afterwards and he then saw from his eyes how he was sitting in a forest. From his hawk-familiars eyes he could see himself sitting on the porch, meditating. As it was Orlanth’s holyday, Dolxx held the ceremony to all Orlanthis in the area. As they knew that a Windlord and Windvoice was leading the ceremony, there had gathered a larger crowd of Orlanthis than he had expected. The ceremony went well and everybody joyed of the ceremony and Orlanth’s greatness. In end of the ceremony a guy threw a rock on Dolxx, breaking the sanctify Dolxx had used. Dolxx alarmed Axjack about the man, and he then cast the same spell against Axjack as against Kaid-aw on the Yelmalio farm. Axjack felt the same dragging feeling and his spirit was away. After this the same spell was cast on Dolxx, who had just enough of time to call the man a traitor, and hang him, when his spirit was dragged away, the body falling down. The Orlanthis were very surprised, what happened, but they saw who Dolxx was pointing at and caught him and hanged him from a tree nearby, exactly as Dolxx had told them to do.

Dolxx and Axjack found themselves in some other plane than the normal Heroplane. They saw Kaid-aw close by in the forest. Dolxx tried and cast a disruption against Kaid-aw, who had his shield 4 on. It went through and wounded Kaid-aw a little. On the other hand Dolxx felt like he hadn't cast the spell and couldn't concentrate on it again. Kaid-aw climbed in a high tree, to see around. In one direction there seemed to be less trees in the dense forest and they started walking in that direction. Dolxx and Axjack made tracks to be able to find back to the place where they had come on the plane. Axjack caught a falling glassball before it hit the ground. Inside it was a spirit, but Axjack decided not to do anything to it for the moment. They soon heard humanoids approaching. Five Cavetrolls walked towards them. They saw immediately Dolxx and Axjack even if they had tried to hide themselves. Three of them approached Dolxx, while two went against Axjack leaving Kaid-aw without any enemy. Kaid-aw made and impressive blow against one of Dolxx cavetrolls, making it possible for Dolxx to kill it with his first blow. Axjack wounded one and it fell down sitting. The next round Dolxx and Kaid-aw killed on cavetroll each, after which they started to help Axjack. Axjack killed one the cavetrolls while Kaid-aw the other on the third round, ending the fight. A spirit rose from all of the dead cavetrolls and they wanted to bless Axjack, Dolxx and Kaid-aw. Dolxx refused, as he considered them chaotic and he would not take any blessings from a chaotic creature. Axjack and Kaid-aw accepted and both got a blessing to their manipulation skills.

Meanwhile on Glorantha, Raven had started to look for the others, and by accident stumbled on the location where the supposedly hanged Bababa was. He took him off the tree and started to talk to Bababa. He also asked Raven if he was a hero, and as raven answered yes, he continued with other questions. Suddenly Raven got mad and smashed the mans head with one blow from his maul. At the same time Kaid-aw had sat down and been meditating for almost 30 minutes. Kaid-aw then suddenly hit himself on the forehead and said of course, and suddenly they were back in Glorantha. What Kaid-aw had understood never became clear to Dolxx.

When on their way to the farm and Kaid-aw, they heard about this Lunar Elite messenger troup being on their way to New Pavis.
On the way back to New Pavis, we discovered a Plot against the A-TEAM

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