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Chapter 13
Visiting Corflu

After partying a couple of days at Raus Fort, a fast boat to Corflu stopped briefly, and the A-TEAM decided to go onboard it to see Corflu, where they had never been. In the evening, about half a kilometer before they came to Corflu, Dolxx observed twelve magicians from the Lunar College of Magic on both sides of the river. The boat stopped and soon they all saw a big shape appearing from the east. It was about 70 meters high, and it was shaped as the Watchdog of Corflu. It climbed itself over the river stopped with both legs on each side as an gate over the river to Corflu. With big amazement the boat was rowed under the statue to Corflu. The Lunar's celebrated their might as they passed under it. In the harbor a great wonder about what had happened had spread around and lots of people were there. The A-TEAM arrived and tried to find a inn where to stay. There were two inns in the city, of which one was more in favor of Lunar's. Everybody except Dolxx went to the inn, he chose the other one. Raven and Axjack was laughed at and the Lunar magicians made some small tricks to them, but they kept quiet, just drinking. Kaid-aw joined the Lunar's and had good laughs too with them. When Dolxx entered the other inn, everybody froze and the inn became ominously quiet. Dolxx ignored the stares of everybody and went to the bartender and got a beer. After that he seated himself at a table. People around him first backed away but later came closer again. At sometime a "joker" cast a knife in Dolxx head and he fainted to the cheer of the guests. Dolxx allied spirit healed him immediately and Dolxx rose up angry shouting "What the HELL do you think you are doing!" He went towards the man who had cast the knife and was celebrating his fine hit. The man tried to back of, but Dolxx got caught of him. Dolxx slapped him in the face and asked what are you doing "jerk"?. The man was quiet, and Dolxx asked again the same question. The man then ripped himself out of Dolxx grip and eventually escaped. Dolxx was mad as hell and broke some tables in the inn and left. He then entered the other inn and joined Raven and Axjack. Late in the night the Lunar's and Kaid-aw easily persuaded Raven to come and continue the partying in a private house. Dolxx and Axjack was not asked to join, so Axjack went to sleep in the Inn. Dolxx stayed a while drinking and talking with the bartender after place was closed, and the went sleeping.

During the night the watchdog of Corflu was desecrated with dirt and excrement. The town was buzzing with rumors and Dolxx felt himself very accused even if nobody said anything. When Dolxx wandered around in the city, people avoided him and got to the other side of the street or turned around not to meet or talk to him.If he went to a shop, other people left the shop and returned only after he had left it. In the evening Raven and Dolxx went to the same inn Dolxx had been at the previous evening. Immediately most of the people left the place. Only a few people stayed in the inn. Dolxx felt very uneasy and after a few hours drinking he and Raven rose up and went towards the few customers. Then suddenly Raven just kicked the closest man, killing him, while Dolxx kicked another man unconscious. After this they both left the inn. Raven went outside the town to the Gorakiki altar, while Dolxx went to the other inn. Axjack had left the town for the river folks quarters and a inn over there, while Kaid-aw had went to bed early escorted by a local girl. Dolxx sat and drunk until the bar closen and then a few rounds with the bartender before he went for sleep in the inn. When Raven was at the Gorakiki altar, three trolls came and started to brawl with Raven. Raven had a tough time, but killed the three trolls in the end and returned to the inn for some sleep.

The next morning all of the A-TEAM were called in for questioning about the desecration of the Corflu Watchdog. The police was very aggressive but there were no evidence whatsoever pointing towards the A-TEAM, all of them had very strong alibis proven by trusted citizens of Corflu. They were sent away from Corflu with the next boat upriver and all except Kaid-aw got a lifelong ban from the City.

On the way back to New Pavis, we discovered a Plot against the A-TEAM
The Chaos Gaggle appeared on the way to the first sign of the coming Hero Wars, a staterment from the Giants.

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A picture with runes which makes this 
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