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Windlord and priest Dolxx of LaRonth's memoirs.

Written down by Haslik the Nearsighted, scribe of the Lhankor Mhy temple in New Pavis.



Dolxx tells you this: I am originally from Valantia in Ralios. My family has been soldiers for the Bishop in Valantia for generations and that am I also. I started adventuring in the year 1620 ST, from Valantia and adventured to Alone, near the Snake-Pipe Hollow. There I met the other A-TEAM® members and we started adventuring together. A list of our adventures before I became a Rune lord can be found by clicking here. If you want to read of the adventures in more detail, then click here. After 24 adventures I became a Rune Lord of Orlanth. The initiation to a Windlord was done in Pavis, by Windlord Krogar Wolfhelm, in the year of 1624 ST. It was carried out secretly, because the Lunars in Pavis, did not want any new Orlanthi in Pavis and especially not any new rune level Orlanthis. But I was officially initiated and got an iron helmet as a gift from the Orlanth cult. I was not lucky enough to get an allied spirit. Earlier quite soon after we had come to Pavis, the Magus Arlaten (see more about him in SiP) used our help to clear the Armpit of Pavis from its former inhabitants. I use the bottom floor as storage for special items and goods and stay there once in a while but mostly I stay at our Inn, we built in the Rubble at the road from the Wyvern Gate. We are controlling the areas around it and try to civilize it. Later I have again got gifted by Orlanth and have become also a Wind Priest of Orlanth.

Here is something about Dolxx and his way of life.

Dolxx is a mighty fighter using a 2-handed iron windsword, which he got from an adventure as boot. His is also sometimes using his iron target and iron broadsword. The armor of plate and chainmail, he is wearing, is completely of iron. He tries usually to avoid unnecessary risks and tries to make things go his way. His ethics is based on the Orlanth way of life and he follows it, even if he has sometimes to suffer of it. Also he is 100% loyal to the A-TEAM members and fights for their cause if needed.


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