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Chapter 12
The death of the Chaos Gaggle

Soon after Dolxx got his cult duties sorted out, a proclamation was heard in the town. On the last day of the Sea Season, a Statement would be given by the Giants at Condor Crags. All groups wanting to or having power would not miss the statement for life. Same applied also to the A-TEAM, as they are a factor of power in the New Pavis area and especially in the Rubble. There would be nomads, elves, Lunars, Yelmalians, people from Sun County, Orlanthis etc. The Lunar Coder's approached the A-TEAM and invited them to join them on their journey to Condor Crags. After some lengthy discussions among the A-TEAM members, the invitation was accepted. As a mark of the new status, the Hawk gang was taken with the A-TEAM as their heralds. The day before the ship would leave New Pavis, a supper was held at the "Silk'n'Plume", one of the best restaurants in New Pavis. Raven arrived early to the "Silk'n'Plume", but was not admitted in at first. It took some time for the owners to understand the confirmation from the Coder's that Raven was invited and after that they let Raven into the restaurant. Dolxx and Raven were shown into a waiting cabinet, while Kaid-aw and Merlox were immediately at their arrival shown to the best cabinet and got excellent service as Kaid-aw is a member of the City Council and Merlox as a regular customer. Until the Coder's arrived the service for Dolxx and Raven was not very nice or fast, the waiters made everything twice as slowly as after the Coder's had arrived. The Coder's and A-TEAM members discussed everyday things and behaved themselves very courtly. Late in the evening Raven and Nosering wanted to have more beer and left together for a round in the local bars and pubs.

Raven had fallen asleep under a table in a pub and could not be found in the morning. Dolxx asked Nosering if he remembered where they had been last evening and thus Raven was found. Raven had to run and Dolxx cast a Mobility on Raven when he saw him to get him onboard before the ship left. In the evening the ship arrived to Stablefort. Soon after this, two men rowed out to the ship and asked for assistance. Something horrifying chaotic was approaching from the east of the village. The chaotic thing was the Chaos Gaggle, a group of five huge chaos monsters. There was a goat, a snake, a gorp, a wyvern and a whale with chaotic features. Every time the whale exhaled, it shot out of its back a rain of different colored stars. If the stars touched anything living, they did some harm on the poor one depending on the color of the stars. The Coder's immediately said they would do the honors, but the A-TEAM convinced the Coder's, that this was their matter and left with the boat to face the monsters. The Coder's and the hawk gang stayed onboard wondering how would the A-TEAM make it against the horrible Chaos Gaggle.

After walking an hour the A-TEAM saw the Chaos Gaggle. Merlox started to chant and prepared himself with mighty venom's against the whale. It gave 76pts! but the whale continued forward. The goat was palsied and could not move and stopped from Merlox next spell. The final spell before the clash killed the gorp. Dolxx used his fly and rose up the air and met the wyvern in mid air. Dolxx hit hard on the wyvern, but not killing it with one blow. The wyvern made as a counter attack a very powerful spit of acid and spit through Dolxx' leg, through all his protection and the iron armor. Dolxx passed out and fell down. Merlox' Chon-chon cast disruptions against the wyvern. Meanwhile Kaid-aw was fighting against the whale and it only took him two rounds of attacks, until it was dead. The wyvern spit a new acid attack, but now on Merlox and his shield melted away under the acid. He and his Chon-chon cast more disruptions and killed the wyvern. Raven had then already killed the snake. Dolxx had been healed by his allied spirit and all of them could join in a joint missile attack against the goat. When it died, it exploded, but as it was killed with missiles from a distance, it only made a huge hole in the ground where it exploded. In just minutes after seeing the Chaos Gaggle, the A-TEAM had defeated it. After this they walked back to the shore and took a boat over to the ship with mission accomplished. The Coder's looked a little surprised at the fast return of the A-TEAM without any noticeable wounds in them. They asked what had happened. The A-TEAM replied Veni, Vidi, Vici just as this was normal thing to do for the A-TEAM.

In the morning the journey continued to Raus Fort, where the dead Duke Raus' daughter ruled together with her companion, the A-TEAM member Merlox. From the fort the group of 16 started the journey to the Condor Crags. On the way to the Crags the group met other groups of nomads also on their way to the Crags. At the Crags they made a camp with more than a dozen other groups who had also came to hear the statement next day.

In the morning a 18 meter tall giant arrived and spoke the statement:
We are entering the war of the heroes
Remember the history of Prax
Quest to all heroes
Interpret the smoke puffs from the Dragons.
After this the Giant left with the people puzzled of what he had ment with the statement. There were four known true Dragons in Dragon Pass. The Black slave of Cragspider, a troll friend; Igrisa Yor, the red dragon who had killed thousands; Harma Gamoon, the green dragon who had landed 150 years ago in the Skyreach Peaks in the Rockwood mountains and Yarn who was hard to get to.

After walking back to Raus Fort, the Coder's and the Hawk gang left immediately for New Pavis, while the A-TEAM stayed and partied at the fort.

After the statement was heard the A-TEAM made a visit to Corflu.
The annual Trollball tournament gave some action for the A-TEAM.

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A picture with runes which makes this 
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