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Chapter 22
The A-TEAM HeroQuest


When they started to climb down the staircase, Kaid-aw used his blue glass ball to get light. The staircase was really, really long and after about 30 minutes of climbing down, they felt a sudden feeling of dizziness when they finally arrived to a room where the staircase ended. Five different tunnels lead out of the room. Their compass showed on the tunnel number two, so that was the one they went into. The tunnel led into a maze of tunnels, but they followed their compass when walking cautiously forward along the tunnels. When entering one cave Dolxx heard some weird sound from ahead, and soon four ghouls attacked them. Raven smashed one leg, while another ghoul fumbled, biting a third ghoul in the arm. On the next round the same ghoul fumbled again, this time breaking an armor strap. Then Raven showed a really huge hit, he made 64 points of damage killing instantly the ghoul he was fighting against. Raven continued and helped Axjack by maiming one arm of the ghoul attacking Axjack. Meanwhile Dolxx cut off the fourth ghoul’s right arm. Soon enough Raven killed the ghoul he had just maimed. Then he went and killed with a single blow the ghoul fighting against Kaid-aw, who again then killed the last one, who had been fighting against Dolxx.

After drawing some breath the party continued into the maze of tunnels. Suddenly the tunnel ended at an abyss, seemingly endless. It was wide, but barely jumpable. Raven was the only one who managed to jump it without problems; the rest had minor problems and got some bruises, but nothing serious. The tunnel continued and ended in a huge room with a pond in the other end. The compass showed against the pond. On the other end was three spirits flying around, and as Kaid-aw touched the water, they attacked him. But then Kaid-aw commanded his basilisks, and the spirits where killed. Raven used his breath under water item and went looking in the pond. There was a tunnel leading from the pond, about 20 meters long. The only who had any problems was Axjack, who got a little of drowning damage, but nothing much. The others made it easily. Following the compass in the tunnels, one ended at a huge golden door. On the door there were scenes, which were mocking trolls and about Nysalor being the prophet, so Raven wasn't very fond of it. It had inscribed the following text: Only he who is respected and has seen the light may open the door. Kaid-aw entered the compass and key into the door and it started to open. A small hallway to a huge cave was seen. In the hallway was a golden statue of Nysalor. Raven hit the statue with all his might, but nothing happened. When the party entered the cave, the golden door closed behind them. At that moment the party entered the hero plane and cast all their spells on them, as there is no time in the hero plane, so the spells would last until they left it.

To be continued...


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A picture with runes which makes this page look cool ;-)