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House rules of the A-TEAMŽ Campaign

Attacks over 100%

In this campaign you must have 90% in your skill without your skill modifier and then when you add all modifiers the total has to be over 100% before you are allowed to split your attack into two different attacks. Any bonuses for attacking are only calculated once (like Bladesharp or Fanatism). You also have to have enough SR:s to make these two attacks per round. At the moment we have to split the attack equal but are thinking of changing this so that both attacks must be at least 50%. This could mean an attack at 50% and 75% if the total attack is 125%. If you have more than 150% and your base chance for your attack is greater than 135% and you have enough SR:s you might even strike thrice in a round. This is a thing to think about especially for Kaid-aw who has closer to 200% in his base and with all his spells he has almost 300% to divide into three attacks and as he also is blindingly fast, he really can hit thrice in a round. The only problem is that you can hit only once one opponent, so to have use of dividing the the attack in three, would be if he would alone fight three opponents at the same time.
One thing we can do when we have over 100% in the base and that is to reduce the opponents parry with the percentage the base is over 100%. Dolxx can reduce 64% from his opponents parry if he doesn't split his attack, but at the same time his chance of success is reduced with the 64%. This is not a big deal there are enough percentages still left to make the killing blow easily.

Bound spirits, magic points and magic point crystals

We have a rule that you only can control to the amount of APP/3 in number of bound spirits. This limit doesn't count for shamans, they are limited by their APP as the maximum number of bound spirits. If you are very good looking as Kaid-Aw, then you can control more bound spirits than a normal looking guy as Dolxx. In this are allied spirits not counted nor the spirits they control. In this way Dolxx has three power spirits, a magic spirit and an INT spirit plus his allied spirit which can control its one power spirit. Anybody can carry as many magic point crystals as they find. Dolxx has got five of them at the moment. With all this Dolxx has more than 150 magic points to use, of which over 100 are regenerated every day. We also have ruled that all magic points come back every morning as the sun rises instead of a quarter every six hours or something like that.

Casting spells

We have our own way of counting the chance for casting spells. When we started playing RuneQuest, we misunderstood the rules on how to cast spells and made our own rules. The chance of casting spells is POW*5 - Armor ENC. We only use armor ENC and not the whole ENC, but neither do we use the magic skill modifier. Later we reread the rules and noticed that we do not follow them, but we did not want to chance our system that works well and everybody knows it by heart. Our system gives about 5% lesser chance of casting spell than if you use the correct rules. The difference comes from that normally you have 5 to 10 ENC of other than armor and your magic skill modifier is usually between 10 and 15.


We have some enchantments in our group. They are mostly strenghtening enchantments of hit points in our bodies and weapons. We have also made some binding enchantments for spirits. When you enchant an item, you nowadays get a 1D4 to HP and strengthening enchantments instead of the 1D6 we had before.


We do not count fatigue normally, as mostly we have enough of fatigue points to fight. We do use them in one way. That is we count with them how much you can carry. You cannot carry more than your STR and CON together, but once again there is an exception. This only counts for armor and your normal weapons, not stuff like extra clothing, ropes, tents, or other auxiliary equipment as they are usually carried on horses. If no horses are around, we still are allowed to carry more, as we do not fight carrying the items. Neither is money counted in. After adventures when we have got loot we are allowed to carry a lot more and only if an item is exceptionally heavy our GM looks at that.

Healing and resurrection

We are allowed to heal our friends always if possible. Nowadays it is not an issue anymore, as we have a magic healing spirit with healing 6, which can be commanded by two of us and Dolxx allied spirit has a healing 6 also. Only in arms and legs you can lose hit points permanently but not in your body. We have now these two extremely rare items which can store resurrections. They are used nowadays more seldom, but on average every third adventure and has kept us alive very often. Otherwise it can be pain to get a resurrection in a city. The fact that Dolxx is Runelord of Orlanth helps now also a lot.

Learning Spells

We do not use the normal rules for learning spells, but have made up our own rules for this also. To learn a new spell, you have to defeat a spell spirit with as many D3:s (cult or allied cult spell) or D6:s (other spell) as the spell level is. A five point Bladesharp has for a Humakti 5D3 in POW to be defeated, while for Ernalda cultist it has 5D6 in POW. You also have to pay a price for the summoning the spellspirit. I haven't written this to a table, but some day I will do it. You can still learn a spell without a spirit combat, but the the price is 500L/point of the spell, so learning the fifth point from a previous four point Bladesharp costs 2500L, while a completely new five point Bladesharp costs 7500L.

Parrying specials

We have made some modifications for special parries. In the normal rules you do not gain any benefit for making a special parry, so we changed this to the following: A special parry increases the AP of the parrying weapon by half and is then 1,5 times the original AP:s of the parrying weapon. For example a Target shield gets 18 AP:s in a special parry instead of 12, a Kite gets 24 instead of 16. Halves are rounded upwards, i.e. a damaged Target with 11 AP:s gets 17 AP:s in a special parry.

Percentages and skill modifiers

We use the way of counting without the skill modifiers for determining when you get a mastery in a skill. You could have a chance over 100% in a skill but not being a master in that skill anyway. This happens often if your skill modifiers are good, and especially with the help of magic in attacks. In our way it is much harder of becoming a Runelord than normally, but we think that it should not be very easy to become one. And in this way a Runelord has much higher status. To see how much we learned under our adventures we started to count our base percentages in all skills. We left out the skill modifier for it would give too much advantage to them who have good characteristics and are anyway in a better position of advancing. The way to count the skill base percentage is: You take your skill without your skill modifier, minus the base chance of success written on the character sheets. For example, if you have in scan a 72% chance of success, you have to subtract your perception skill modifier, which could be 11%, and the base chance of success, 25%. Your base percentage in scan is then 36% (72%-11%-25%). You count all your base percentages to get the total sum. As the sum rises you advance to new "levels". First you start as a nothing if you have less than 250%, then you become novice adventurer. At 500% you become a rookie adventurer to become an adventurer at 750%. Once you reach 1000% you become a professional adventurer. After that we have no more "levels", as you are usually quite close of becoming a Runelord of your cult. At the moment Dolxx leads the group with almost 2000% over the base, thanks to his fast learning (Highest INT). He has been leading mostly, but Merlox was leading for a while, but now when he has played less, Dolxx has again passed him as has also Kaid-aw.

Power gains

Power gains are got only from you succeeding a magical attack, but not from successfully resisting one. Depending on the difference you gain a POW gain, a half POW gain or no POW gain at all. For a normal POW gain the chance of success must be lower than 51%. If you have more than 10 POW more than your opponent you don not gain any POW gain as it is considered an routine. When you have got one, you do not roll 1D3-1 but roll 1D100. If you get a critical (01-05), you get three POW. For a special (06-20), you get two POW and for a normal success one POW. If you fumble (96-00), you do not get anything. POW gains are not very common as we mostly rely on our weapons and not so much on magic. There are also some of us who succeeded more often than others (=Kaid-aw).


To become a priest we have cut down the needed amount of Divine magic to five points instead of the normal 10 points. This is because we have less divine magic in our campaign. The requirements varies and masteries are counted as for Runelords. See above . Our system makes it a little bit easier to become a priest but the skill requirements are harder for us with our own way of counting when you meet a requirement. See also above.

Training costs

Our GM though that the original prices of training is way too cheap, so he made up new prices for training. Click here to see those new prices. There are also some restrictions how much you are allowed to train in skills between adventures, but they are all listed in the price sheet at the bottom. Of course you can't find all kinds of training everywhere, but have to travel to a town where the skill is available.


If you are hit so hard that a leg or an arm is severed and you fall unconscious, then you are out of action for five rounds even if your are healed the same round. This is to describe the fact you were close to dying and have to get a breath and clear your head. You are not allowed to do anything during these rounds. You just lay down and wait. After that you are as OK as you have been healed.


We vote with the help of the dice. Each player present (except the GM) says his opinion. It could be left or right turn in a crossing of tunnels or something else. Then when everybody has said his standpoint the dice are thrown. The number of the dice gives the amount of votes you get. A 34 gives you 34 votes. In this we use RoleMaster style of throwing dice it means the higher, the better. It means also that a 96 to 100 gives you a new roll that is added to your previous roll. A 01 to 05 subtracts the following rolls from your initial roll. In the end all votes are counted and the opinion with the most votes wins. It is very simple and if you believe in your case you can add some POW to your roll and get a good number. Let me give an example. Raven and Dolxx want to go to the left when Kaid-aw and Merlox want to go to the right in a crossing. Everybody throws the dice and Raven gets a 12, Dolxx a 96, Merlox 66 and Kaid-aw 70. Merlox's and Kaid-aw's rolls are added and the sum is 136, which is their number of votes. Dolxx gets to roll again because he rolled a 96 and rolls 54, so the sum of votes for Raven and Dolxx is 12+96+54 or 162 votes. It is decided that the A-TEAM goes to the left tunnel.

We have a lot more of house rules but for the moment I can't remember anymore. I will add more as I remember and have time to sit down and write them here.



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