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The A-TEAM® consists right now of Windlord Dolxx of LaRonth, the Demon killer, Dragon friend Kaid-aw, Light Guide and Light Son of Yelmalio in Pavis and the Mayor of the liberated Pavis, Wizard Merlox, the Cyclops-slayer, Windpriest Axjack and a dark troll, Duke Raven, a Natural Borne Killer and Death Lord of Zorak Zoran. There are hang around members like Archatt, Babar, Baldos, Conan and MarunDeek. The A-TEAM has many quarters. Dolxx and Raven live in the A-TEAM Inn, in the Rubble which was built by the A-TEAM and is owned by them. Most of the hang around members also spend their time there. Merlox is there every now and then, but also lives at the Silk'n'Plume in Pavis. Kaid-aw lived first at the Yelmalio temple in Pavis, but when he got married, see The Defense of the Air Temple in Pavis, he got a house of his own in New Pavis near the Yelmalio temple. They have also rooms in the mighty Magus Arlaten's tower, the Armpit of Pavis, a high tower in old town in the Rubble, after A-TEAM had cleared it of the former inhabitants for Arlaten.

The A-TEAM members are all except Merlox illuminated and have started a new cult, the "A-TEAM Hero Cult" after their illumination during the A-TEAM HeroQuest adventure. The requirements to join are very high, and it will not be a major religion ever as one the requirements is that you have to be illuminated to join.

They started to call themselves A-TEAM in Eldarad and have made nice cloaks with their logo on the back of it in gold thread. They also became River Voices after killing a demon, who polluted the Poralistor River.


A brief description of the A-TEAM :

Dolxx is a mighty Wind Lord and Priest of Orlanth using a 2-handed iron windsword, which he got from an adventure as boot. His is also sometimes using his iron target and iron broadsword. His armor of plate and chainmail is completely of iron. He tries usually to avoid unnecessary risks and tries to make things go his way. His ethics is based on the Orlanth way of life and he follows it, even if he has sometimes to suffer of it. Also he is 100% loyal to the A-TEAM members and fights for their cause if needed. 

Kaid-aw is a Lightguide and Lightson of Yelmalio in Pavis. He is also a citizen of Pavis and after the liberation of Pavis, he is the Mayor of Pavis. As his main weapon he uses a 2 handed spear. The last things many opponents notices is the blinding fastness of Kaid-aw. He is big, strong and dexterious plus he has a gift from the gods making him even faster. He has not met during the five last years anybody who could strike faster than him. A special robe is worn over his armor. 

Merlox is a Wizard who has specialized himself in the ways of sorcery. He has a familiar who is a Chon-Chon. It frightens people when they see it. Sometimes it sits on Merlox shoulder and it looks like he has two heads. To his stature he is very small but he is armored like a walking tank. He has a platemail and under it enchanted clothes with at least 15 AP:s. Currently he is courtshipping Duke Raus daughter Jezra. 

Duke Raven is a 30 year old Zorak Zoran Death Lord. His favorite weapon is his enchanted lead troll maul, but he is also very skilled with his sling and his kick (combined with his high martial arts skill). These skills combined with his brutal strength makes him an unstoppable killing machine. Like all followers of Zorak Zoran he is a half-crazy serial killer who kills without questions. Luckily his brothers in arms (A-TEAM) are sometimes able to control him and keep him out of trouble.

Axjack is a Wind Priest of Orlanth and a warrior from the West. As the rebel-mind he is, he uses an axe instead of a sword. His favorite axe is the Rockmolders axe made of adamant with the bound spirit Anaxidise. Also his shield is made of Iron, which he has gotten during the A-TEAM adventures.


Dolxx has gone to a scribe in Pavis to get every mighty deed written down, so do you want to read of the first adventures of the A-TEAM or do you want to read of the newer adventures:

  1. Chapter: The Defense of the Air Temple of Pavis.
  2. Chapter: Puzzle Canal.
  3. Chapter: Exterminating a Troll Clan.
  4. Chapter: Devils Playground and first HeroQuest of the A-TEAM.
  5. Chapter: Minor worries.
  6. Chapter: The Reappearance of the Unholy Trio.
  7. Chapter: Vampire Hunting.
  8. Chapter: The Murder of Duke Raus of Rone.
  9. Chapter: The Blue Bat HeroQuest.
  10. Chapter: Lord Skyppen's Mansion.
  11. Chapter: Trollball and the Hawk gang.
  12. Chapter: The death of the Chaos Gaggle.
  13. Chapter: Visiting Corflu.
  14. Chapter: A plot against the A-TEAM.
  15. Chapter: Bababa's HeroQuest.
  16. Chapter: Lunar Elite Messengers.
  17. Chapter: Pomalgimia the witch.
  18. Chapter: What to do with Tatius the Bright?
  19. Chapter: Dragon puff hunt.
  20. Chapter: Meeting the Dragon.
  21. Chapter: The road to the A-TEAM HeroQuest.
  22. Chapter: The A-TEAM HeroQuest.
  23. Chapter: Raurog's Betrayal.
    • Synopsis: A local troll leader, Raurog, is envy of Raven when he got the salt-mines, and wanted to stop him. He captured Raven, but Dolxx and Kaid-aw freed him. As that didn't work, he kidnapped our inn-keeper Tarleti together with Thanatari's. We freed her, but Raurog escaped.
  24. Chapter: The Fetching.
    • Synopsis: This is a big competion in Real City with invited participants, who need to Fetch something in the Rubble. Our task was to find a long lost mask of Pavis, Yurmonis mask. After some troubles we found the mask and won the competition and became Champions for this year.
  25. Chapter: Plotting for the liberation of Pavis.
    • Synopsis: We made a deal together with all the other Lunar enemies, and liberated Pavis from their influence. We attacked and killed all their troops in Pavis. Kaid-aw was then elected as the mayor of Pavis.
  26. Chapter: Kakstans Art Museum.
    • Synopsis: We needed some extra fighting power to stop the two armies Lunars sent to take back Pavis. This was done with an old Pavis heroquest we succeeded in.
  27. Chapter: Deal against the Lunar Army.
    • Synopsis: All the anti-Lunars in Pavis county made a deal to fight together against the coming Lunar armies.
  28. Chapter: Battle against the Lunar Army.
    • Synopsis: We won the first Lunar army, which was smaller, but tougher with lots of magic power. The second army is surrounded in Moonbroth by 15.000 nomads who are on our side. Luckily the second army only consist of "normal", even though tough, soldiers like Hoplites, Knights and heavy foot soldiers.
  29. Chapter: Visit to the construction site of the Temple of the Reaching Moon.
    • Synopsis: A Temple of the Reaching Moon is to be built in Holy Country close to Whitewall. With Kallyr Starbrow we agreed on infiltrating the temple construction site and left a token we can use for teleporting us there in the right moment before the temple is taken into use.
  30. Chapter: Destruction of the Temple of the Reaching Moon.
    • Synopsis: We used the token left in the construction site to teleport ourselves inside the temple with a force in the middle of the ceremony and started to change it. A symbolic fight was made to represent the figth against Lunars trying to sanctify the temple. A Dragon was woken up who destroyed the site and ate Kallyr Starbrow together with her troops, while A-TEAM managed to get to safety before the dragon attacked them.
  31. Chapter: Powerstruggle after the Dragon in Sartar
    • Synopsis: After the dragon was summoned and destroyed the building site of the Temple of the Reaching Moon together with thousands of Lunars, also the Orlanthi and other tribes of Sartar were restless of what had happened in the Sky. The earthquakes and changes in geography caused additional concern, is the world going to end now. A-TEAM came back in triumf to meet Jaldon Goldentooth at Moonbroth, with Kaid-aw getting the leadership once again. Dolxx convinced Garrath Sharpsword to leave for Sartar to help building up the Orlanthi rule after the dragons devastation. The Lunars inside Moonbroth wanted to make peace and get away from the nomads surrounding them.
  32. Chapter: The Dawn of a new age awaits (20th anniversary game session of the campaign!)
    • Synopsis: Kaid-aw agreed with Jaldon Goldentooth that the Nomads got half of the northern part of Big Rubble in exchange of new Pavis and Big Rubble to be accepted as a new tribe of Prax. Garrath Sharpsword started to take Sartar in his hands and got in quarrel with Axjack. Thus Dolxx was summoned to a meeting amongst Orlanthi Priests, where Garrath sneak-attacked Dolxx, killing him with the first blow, but Dolxx DI:d, and killed Garrath together with Axjack. His spirit was stored in a gem which was provided by Merlox who had a long time ago heard from Halcyon van Enkorth about a prophesy, which he now sensed is about to come true. A-TEAM could united go beyond the web of time and awake there a new more powerful god than ever existed in Glorantha, starting the 4th age of Unity!
  33. Chapter: Aspects of Bonding, part I - Light
    • Synopsis: To start the new age, A-TEAM needed to strenghten the bonding to their different aspects. To Yelmalio/Nysalor it could be done by devouring the Spear of Palangio. It was lost in a battle in Snake-Pipe Hollow when Arkat killed and ate Palangio. In Snake-Pipe Hollow they had to fight a huge chaotic gathering of over 50 tought chaos creatures and three small giants. Inside a cave system they found the needed artefacts to do a HeroQuest and see what happened to the spear in the battle. Back in the normal plane the spear was found in the place where it fell during the battle and the team devoured it.
  34. Chapter: Aspects of Bonding, part II - Transformation
    • Synopsis: The second aspect is Transformation, which Cragsprider masters. They needed to see her in Crabtown, find "the Elf born in a Troll body", to understand the essence of Transformation. To be continued...




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