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Chapter 20
Meeting the Dragon


Late that night, after they had told all the warriors of how they had killed the demon, Dolxx felt he wanted to share a secret with the other members of A-TEAM. He told them the secret of how he can cast so many spells simultaneously and that he had got a higher chance of getting more POW, as he is both Wind Lord and Storm Voice. Kaid-aw then told that he had taken over the "Hawk" gang to his personal espionage organization. Axjack told that he is a lay member of Trickster to Dolxx big surprise and annoyance. Merlox told he could cast a spell that makes him completely invisible in dark, while Raven didn't tell anything yet.

They continued towards Njeba Mine the next morning, like all other warriors and adventurers that had stayed for the party last night. They hoped to get a guide from Njeba Mine, even if it is kept by Dragonewts. During the day the terrain became more and more mountainous and in the evening the arrived to Njeba Mine. Some eery light, not of this world, lighted it. When they walked towards the village, they followed a path, and met a Dragonewt when entering it. The Dragonewt started to follow the team. When Kaid-aw talked to him, he made some kind of mark on the sand, but erased it before Kaid-aw came close enough to see it. He got as petrified when Kaid-aw came close. As it was impossible to talk with him, the party continued forward along the path, and the Dragonewt woke up and continued following them. A little later Kaid-aw draw the A-TEAM logo, while the man took a small branch and did something that resembled a ritual. Kaid-aw took the branch with him and continued. Dolxx also notices with Kaid-aw that some Dragonewts nodded their head like in an approval for Kaid-aw. The team started to follow those people who made the nods and even if it doesn't lead to the center of the village the team continues forward. Finally they arrived to a small mound, which presumably was a hut of some kind. On top of the mound is a hole, from which you can jump to the cave below. The three-meter fall does no harm to anybody in the team, and they start to look around. Sleeping niches are around the walls and on one of them a Dragonewt is laying. He said something on Dark Tongue, which Raven understands easily and translated that to Tradetalk. Raven asked where is some food, and the Dragonewt points on a pile, from which Raven tastes some. Kaid-aw tried to talk with the Dragonewt and get a guide for the team to find the Dragon.

In the morning the Dragonewt showed how to climb up from the cave, while Merlox tried to discuss with him with no success. Kaid-aw and Axjack had some problems initially, but they also climbed out eventually. The Dragonewt told that his brother had taken another team of people to the Dragon. He finally agreed on showing the team to a ledge where they could see the Dragon, but not further. Then he starts to walk towards the mountains, the team following after him. After walking some hours in the mountains, the team saw something silverish gleaming on small cliff. Raven took his Griffin and flew closer telling it was a mountain goat with a silvery dragonhidelike fur. This reminded about a story they had heard a long time ago of a Dragon which had bleed so much, the blood had become like a small lake. As time went by, the redness disappeared and the lake became clear as a mountain lake, even if it was filled with Dragon blood. Creatures which drank that water for a long period of time, started to get draconic features. Here was probably such a creature. They continued the whole day and came in the evening to plateau, where they made camp. The Dragonewt presented when sitting at the fire two questions to the team, one "Why did they want to see the Dragon?" and two "What did they except to get out of the meeting with the Dragon?" Kaid-aw, Merlox and raven wanted to get guidance on what to do in the future, Axjack wanted to know his role and Dolxx wanted to know on how near in the future the Hero Wars would intensify.

After a good nights rest, the party continued. Sometime before noon, the Dragonewt suddenly laid himself down on the ground. The amazed A-TEAM saw in the horizon three birds which glitters in the sun saw Axjack. The birds saw the team and started to attack them. Merlox had prepared palsies, and one of the birds fell down palsied in the chest. The two other birds attacked Axjack, who parried one of them, but the other severed Axjack's leg. Merlox was close and hit the bird, but could not pass it tough draconic hide. He then palsied again, and this time succeeded to palsy both of them, falling close by. Dolxx, Kaid-aw and Raven found one bird each and killed them. They took the special feathers from the birds with them; possibly they could be used for something in the future. In the afternoon the pass a crest and saw the valley with the Dragon. The Dragonewt bound farewell and left back towards the village. The valley is very sooty, smoky and misty, with a clinking sound like clockwork coming from the other end of the valley. Dolxx put ear props on him, while the others who didn't went into a trance. Down in the valley, Dolxx can see the Lunar led caravan. When in trance, the other start to see images, but Axjack's and Merlox' are blurred. Dolxx removed his ear props and he also went to a trance, starting to see the images. A six-hour ceremony was held to aid Merlox and Axjack, to clear up their images.

The images started to become visible, that they must go to the Castle of Lead to get the key. After that come back to the Golden Door, which is down there and hear the history. Dolxx sees a Wind Lord with a might great sword guarding the door ready for any attack. But actually he was an ogre, who has disguised himself as the Wind Lord.

And here they started on the Road to the A-TEAM HeroQuest, which their followers could re-enact in the future.
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A picture with runes which makes this 
page look cool ;-)