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Chapter 16
Lunar messenger


While Axjack, Dolxx and Raven were on their way to the farm where their riding animals and Kaid-aw would be, Axjack heard somebody stalking after us. Dolxx cast mobility on him and Raven, after which it was an relatively eas task to catch the stalker. Raven smashed his arm and he begged for mercy. Dolxx noticed that he was Orlanthi and healed the man, while he was telling about a meeting with some locals about an important thing. Raven did not beleve the man at all and wanted to kill him. The man should walk first and as the four of them started again walking towards the farm, Raven suddnely kicked the man mortally. Dolxx went in between and his allied spirit healed the man. raven tried again to kill him and Dolxx tried to stop Ravens furious attacks. Dolxx grappled Raven and got him down on the earth. Even if Raven has superior strenght, Dolxx managed to immobilize Raven, who then promised to stop harassing the man, and letting him go unharmed. To make sure this would happen, Raven would lead the group with Axjack as second, the man third and lastly Dolxx. A cloth was tied to the mans eyes, as a gesture to Raven that the man was harmless. Axjack guided the man on their way to the farm. When they finally arrived to the farm it was night and only Ravens ability to see in darkness, made it possible to walk straight to the farm. Kaid-aw sat as he had been on the throne, when Bababa had cast the spell on him. Axjack carried Kaid-aw inside to the master bedroom. Dolxx continued to interrogate the man, who had been following them. The farmers were very upset when a Zorak Zoran Deathlord was present and that Kaid-aw was like in coma. It became too much when Raven scared the farmers and the wife cried to her eldest son to run to the neighbours for help. Soon afterwards a knock was heard on the door and Dolxx went to open it. It was a man with two guards following him. Dolxx went outside the house to talk with them. The man told Dolxx, that a 10 man elite messenger troup was on their way to New Pavis, with what had to be a very important messages, as the Lunars were from Tatius the Brights personal guards. Dolxx, Axjack and Raven left the farm soon after this message. They did not want to meet the local Yelmalios, as they would have to kill them all. They went to the Orlanth farm, Dolxx knew about for the night. Raven stayed in their barn, while Dolxx got to sleep in the best bedroom. In the middle of the night a short zebra cry was heard, butit was so short that most did not hear it in their sleep. It was Raven who had got hungry in the middle of night and ate the zebra to stop his hunger.

In the morning Dolxx payed money for the missing zebra, and then he, Axjack and Raven left the farm to meet the men they had seen during the night as agreed. Their leader had been killed by trolls last night on their way back after meeting with Dolxx. They walked to the scene and from there they started tracking the troll tracks. Later in the afternoon, they found the big camp. It was about 50 meter in diameter, holding easily 20 trolls and as many trollkins. Raven rode down with his griffin to the camp while Dolxx and Axjack stayed hidden on top of the crest where they had spotted the camp. Raven had to fight a little before he was given some food and he could relax until their leader woke up in the evening. The leader was also a Deathlord of Zorak Zoran and he was in the beginning a little bit hostile towards Raven, as Raven had special requests to his servants, two humans (namely Axjack and Dolxx). Raven tried to convince the Deathlord to attack on the Lunar troops, but he was not easily convinced. But then when they agreed, that Raven would take him on a full days flight with the griffin, he agreed to attack the Lunars. The Deathlord followed Raven up to the crest and then he tried to hit Axjack, who happened to be closer. Axjack easily avoided the attack and as Dolxx cast a mobility on Axjack he had no problem in keeping enough distance to the Deathlord. This annoyed the Deathlord, who then started to come closer to Dolxx, but he drew his weapons and prepared a few spells. Dolxx also easily kept just outside the Deathlords reach, and soon the Deathlord lost his interest in both Axjack and Dolxx. They all went down to the camp, and there Raven said that don't touch his servants, or he would kill the offender. Dolxx and Axjack went to rest, when four trollkins came and wanted them to clean the latrines. When Dolxx and Axjack shoved no signs on doing this, they started to behave aggressive. Dolxx and Axjack easily killed two of them, and after this they were left alone for the night. When it was pitch black Raven and the Deathlord flew with the griffin to recognize in the neighbourhood to find possible places where the lunars might make camp. They found one perfect camping spot, and the whole troop walked close to the location.

The day was spent sleeping and resting, most of the trolls had dug themselves below earth, to avoid the sun., while a few of the trollkins kept watch. And as predicted, the Lunars came in the night and made camp excatly where they had guessed. The Lunar elite troop was even better equiped, than originally thought, with full plate armor on themselves and their horses. They put up wardings around their camp, to warn against intruders, but the trolls had a plan against this. The trollkins made several fake attacks during several hours, and in the end the wardings were taken away. After this happend the trolls started to prepare themselves to the final attack. The Lunars were let to sleep to think that th trollkins had left harassing them. Of the ten Lunars, six was enclaped by the trolls, while four had enough time to climb up on their horses. Axjack, Dolxx and Raven attacked these four, and Raven managed immediately to kill one of the horses as also Axjack did, while Dolxx surpricingly killed the last two. The Lunars were very fast in combat and Dolxx had a tough time with two of them attacking him, while Raven killed soon his enemy. Axjack slashed first one leg, before he then killed his enemy. Dolxx killed meanwhile one, while Raven had time to come and slay the last Lunar. The trolls had also managed to kill the six Lunars, with severe losses. But they enjoyed it and had horsemeat for several days now. Together with the trolls Axjack, Dolxx and Raven cleared of the signs of a battle as well as possible. They searched the bodies and found a sealed Lunar message tube, which Dolxx took. He and Axjack left in the morning with their zebras towards New Pavis, while Raven left still while dark with the trolls and all the horses to celebrate the victory and also the keep his part, letting the Deathlord ride on the griffin.

The witch Pomalgimia knew how to crack the coded messange.
Outside of Moonbroth Bababa wanted to get A-TEAM work for him.

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A picture with runes which makes this 
page look cool ;-)