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A short description of Dolxx of LaRonth's and A-TEAM's first adventures.

As remembered by Dolxx of LaRonth and written down by Haslik the Nearsighted from the Lhankor Mhy temple in Pavis.

Disappearing farmers; Cacademon temple in Snake-Pipe Hollow

I met the others for the first time outside Alone at a mansion, where the others and I were hired to find out why the lord's farmers disappeared. It turned out to be Cacademon cultist ogres, who took them, for sacrificing them at a Cacademon temple in the Snake-Pipe Hollow. I joined the party after a man of their party, Kurgan, had died (he was my first character in this campaign).

Catacombs of Hydra Mountains

We went to the Hydra Mountains to do something, I just can not remember anymore what. We found there a tomb and from there I got my 2-handed iron windsword. We had to fight against krarshtkids, who had a nest there.

Protecting Ernalda from trolls of Sazdorf

This was a disaster. We had to go to Sazdorf, but the trolls there noticed us, before we even came close and had to retire. I am ashamed of this adventure, because I fumbled real badly when we were fighting against some ducks and one of the duck's killed me. With an incredible luck roll my friends found a wandering Chalana Arroy priestess who resurrected me.

Dwarfcity of the old near Alone

Dwarves hired us to find out of about a mysterious disease in one cave-complex, where had a long time ago been a city. We had to fight against a vampire, but I did not want to fight against a vampire and went outside the cave complex and waited there for the others. The others killed it in the end.

Hunt for Homini Blackheart of Hragal part 1: Burning Villages and to Eldarad, The Lost City

We were on a journey to a village and met Homini for the first time. We had to back out then because Homini had to many allies with him. The village we came to, had to pay for "protection" to Homini, and so did also a few other villages nearby. We confronted him and killed his pet giant. The giant was cursed by Homini and he would change to stone if his eyes ever again saw sunlight. We made him believe we were mighty magicians and got him to believe that his curse was gone. Then he turned to stone. Homini burnt one of the villages before he fled. Later we got to know that he killed a daughter of Lunar official and a reward was put on his head. A Lunar troop started to track him down as we did also. The tracks led to Eldarad, The Lost City. The Lunar troop had vanished in the Chaos Garden there. We had first to learn to know the city and find our way in Eldarad before we could attack Homini.

Six Caves of the Ingilli Clan

Homini had a broo shaman in his party and we started the hunt for Homini in Eldarad, by tracking the broo shaman first. We tracked down him outside Eldarad and came there in contact with the Ingilli clan. They needed our help in a mysterious cave complex problem (It is from a TOTRM fanzine but I do not know which one. It is also called something else). We also found the broo shaman and killed him. He had some valuable items we later changed for services from other cults.

Fame! (We killed nine slave hunters while we sang our battle song)

We were just walking around in Eldarad when we met ten slave hunters, hunting on the poor. Unfortunately did not one of the slave hunters make way for Raven and they bumped together. Raven got mad when the slave hunter hit Raven in "accident" after this bumping together. He hit back with his fist. Then all of the slave hunters started to insult Raven, so they needed a lesson. We were only five but we "kicked ass" and only one slave hunter got away. While we killed the slave hunters we sang our battle song. It was a third of a big slave traders, Par-il-Maas', guard, which was killed. We did not know that at the moment, for we had some business to do with him. The one who got away, almost got two of us caught, at Par-il-Maas fortress, while they were getting a reward of a runaway slave from him. The escape out of the fortress was really close. Later only three of us were walking in the bad town area of Eldarad, into an old ruin of a temple. Three guys started to insult Raven, who sat on the steps of the temple. It was an even fight which continued for quite a long time. I killed one them but then I got killed by the leader. Raven tried to make peace with the leader of them and he agreed. But then Raven asked what his cult was, and when it turned out to be Cacademon Raven had to try to kill him. It was Merlox who made a successful magic attack against the leader and then Raven killed him. He was a Rune Lord of Cacademon. I was resurrected at the Chalana Arroy temple when we gave a valuable Chalana Arroy heirloom back to them. We had found it as treasure when we were on our way home from the Ingilli clan.

Hunt for Homini part 2: The death of Homini Blackheart of Hragal

Once again we tried to find Homini's hide but had to retire after we met a chaos bird. It was a huge black swan. We killed it with great difficulties and now Raven has its beak as a hat decoration. The next time we went there, we made a sneak attack on Homini's castle and came into it. Homini was first nowhere to find, but then Raven met him and started to fight against him. Homini had a potion of invisibility, and used it, but we managed to stop him of getting to his homing circle. We found him hiding and killed him. He was really hard to kill. Merlox who is the smallest of us, got Homini's old enchanted clothes. We call then "iron pants" because of the enchantments. The are enchanted to at least 15 AP. Merlox uses them under his plate armor so he is a "walking tank" and very seldom gets damaged.

Sacriledge of Krarsht, Thanatar and Poralistor shrines

We went to find why a trading post gave less revenue than before. There we found evidence of ogres. We also got notes, which directed us to an old deserted temple of Poralistor. Now it was used by the ogres instead. In the caves, where the old temple was, we found Krarsht, Thanatar and Poralistor shrines, which we destroyed. There was one metal door, through which we did not come. Our lockpick broke in the lock and we had no means of opening it from our side.

Yamsur's Crown in the tomb of Yarmadier Koromandi

Somehow we got to know about Yamsur's Crown. Also about the clues where to find it. We found with the help of the clues Yarmadier Koromandi's old tomb. It was really dangerous with lots of awful traps, but we lost only Raven's servant trollkin. In the end there was three rows of buttons with runes on them. I solved the problem and we got Yamsur's Crown with other treasure (A very good adventure).

Small tomb in Chaos Area

For some reason we went to the Chaos Garden. There we found a small tomb, that had not been robbed. I do not remember why we wanted to explore the tomb. The only monster we found was a hellion, which we had to kill, in order to search for treasure there. We found almost nothing of value there.

Old Forgotten Sundome Temple

Somebody hired us to find Solinthor's Lost verses (see SC), and they were to be in an old Sun Dome temple. When we came inside we came from behind and there was water that was diseased. Somebody got the disease in a mild form but there were also an old Chalana Arroy temple and we could cure the disease there. When we continued our search we found in one room a huge worm that I killed. Later when we were camping for the night a vampire attacked me during my guard. I got a lucky critical hit on it and it fled by turning to mist. All its items were left to us. We continued in the morning our search. After we found the lost verses in the library we leaved this awful place.

The Polluted River

The local river cult, Pora, hired us to find out why the river got polluted. There was a maelstrom that led into some caves, which was of old dwarven make, under the river. We explored the caves and found many krarshtkids. But the polluter was a demon, Oll, who we found in a deep, water filled pit. He threw against us lots of gorps, which we had to kill first. Not one of us could match him underwater, so Axjack cast his call founder and then the founder killed Oll. We became River Voices after this mighty deed.

The Chaos Centaur

We left from Eldarad, when the Lunars started to put order in the city, as honored River Voices and killed an evil blacksmith on our way away. When we sailed with a boat upwards the river, a day before we came to a port city at the Elf Sea, a horrible sound was heard. It was said, that on the plateau was somekind of chaos monster, from a moonboat, which had crashed there. We went to investigate and found one of our toughest enemies, a chaotic centaur with seven attacks each round. I got killed again. Merlox saved the day by going into spirit combat with it. It was the only weak side of the monster. This adventure was really close to disaster. We found the moonboat and some really valuable treasure there. The people in the port city nearby got scared when we came dragging the monster there, to show what we had killed. Otherwise no one would have believed what we had killed.

Balasev's Barracks

There was this old legend in this city, Trilus, of Balasev, the Balazarian hero and his mighty axe nobody had found ( see Balastor's Barracks in the Big Rubble Pack). We had to find it we thought. In the ruins there we met trolls that we killed first. Then we found this Humakt temple, guarded by an ancient and powerful spirit. I got killed once again, by the spirit casting a severe spirit on me, but we got the treasure it guarded from there. I was luckily resurrected in the Chalana Arroy temple to a high cost. When we went back again Kaid-aw was killed by a basilisk in one room. Merlox risked his life and went to get Kaid-aw out of the room. He has a very high POW so he resisted the glance of the basilisk. But even Kaid-aw got resurrected at the temple. Then when we entered the cave again, we met a giant whom we killed. Deeper in the caves some dwarves cast something against us and it exploded. We killed the dwarves after a fight. Later we met more dwarves and they were more friendly to us. They asked us if we had seen any dwarves there, but we said no, we have not. We had some trading with the dwarves and exchanged our information to theirs. But the axe was not to be found, at least by us. Maybe the dwarves did find it, who knows?

To Gonn Orta's Castle

We met Honest John and traveled by a map we bought from him to Gonn Orta's Castle, to sell away all the treasure, which had accumulated during our adventures. We changed items of the value of 200.000 L there. All of us got nice things. The best items were these extremely rare items, into which you can store resurrections. I got myself also a half of an iron armor and some other goodies (the adventure is from the Griffin Mountain Pack).

Snow Trolls on the way back from Gonn Orta

Some snow trolls thought we were a "piece of a cake," when we were only four and they were twelve. It was not an even fight and they were killed in just a few rounds. We have specialized us on killing trolls and we are especially good on killing chaotic trolls, such as cave trolls. We found the cave, from where the trolls had come. Of course we started investigating it, but left it after a while, when the resistance was getting so heavy and we had no reason to continue.

Taking away Ernalda's Table from Trolls in Dragon Pass

Outside Furthest is this troll settlement and we were hired to get back a table from there. We had the luck of having a troll, Raven, with us and he found a trollkin, from clan owning the table. The trollkin gave us the password, when Raven had questioned him for a while. We came into the building, after we killed the guards. There we then found the table very easily. Our way out from the troll settlement, was smooth. But then later Raven went to irritate a troll clan and Kaid-aw went to accompany him. At one place the road became close from both sides by trolls and trollkin slinger's attacked from the sides. One of the slingstones hit Raven critically in the head so he fell down unconscious. As a lone human in the troll quarters, Kaid-aw had really to fight hard for his way out. He put on him all his magic and ran. On the way he killed three trolls in two rounds, because they tried to stop him. It was close for him but he got away from there almost unharmed. Raven, again, was caught and had to buy himself free from the captors (The adventure is Krang's Table from the Big Rubble Pack).

Broo Fort in Upland Marsh

To get to know more about the crown of Yamsur we had to go to Tink, because Forang Farosh lives there. But something had happened and he was not himself. We had to get a jewel from some renegade broos, who lived in the Upland Marsh. With the help of a magisaur, for which we had to get his friends hides back, we got to the hideout. We killed first half of the broos, because the broos was divided into two different fractions, the magisaur had told us. But the other half surprised us. They came out from both sides of a corridor, even this did not help and we managed to kill them. We found the jewel and the hides. On our way back we got this problem of hundreds and hundreds of zombies and skeletons, who had surrounded the hideout. We had to take a boat away from the hideout, against the advice we had gotten from the magisaur. After a long day we came to a big lake. On all sides of the lake were these zombies and skeletons. It started to look real bad. We met also this funny floating island, in the shape of snail shell, and a funny man there, who kept a shop there with no usable things just things you do not need on a surrounded lake. Three days later the magisaur found us and helped us away from the marsh.

Barran's Monster Hunt

We were now on our way to Pavis when we met Arlaten, the Magus (see about him in SiP), for the first time. In a city, in which we were, we met Barran (described also in SiP). At first we did not do as we had agreed with Barran, for Raven double-crossed us. He did not take the real items, from the trolls, as we expected. We then left in a hurry. But later we got regretful and went back to get the real items. After meeting Barran again, we sailed into the Vomiter. There we had to kill many different foes. After we came to the last chamber, inside the Vomiter, Barran killed it. We were flushed out and Axjack drowned. One of our resurrections had to be used. We got the long boat from the ship in which we had sailed into the Vomiter and turned it around and emptied it of water. Then we put all our items in it and climbed aboard and started wait for a wind to take us somewhere (the adventure is from SiP).

Neckero's Lost Island

When we had killed the Vomiter, we ourselves floating in the middle of a sea. We got the longboat, from the boat, in which we sailed into the Vomiter, floating and came on it. At last after many days of sailing, we were floated on an island by an undine. There we met this funny character, who called himself king Neckeros. He was half mad, we thought. We had to rescue his daughter from the kidnappers, in the middle of the island. We went and met a Cyclops in a cave. It was killed by Merlox, after we had wounded it. The daughter was found, unhurt in the cave. There was this funny door of iron, and we thought of opening but did not dare at first. On the way back we met an earth elemental, who tried to protect the daughter, but we killed it. The King had used wood of our boat to repair the door, Raven had trashed from his hut earlier. We had to stay overnight at the island even if we did not want to, because I could not fix the boat on this day. During the night happened what we had feared. The daughter had been taken away again. I fixed the boat in the morning. Then we followed the tracks to the door and went inside. There was this amazing machine working there. We found the daughter and a funny glass bottle. Axjack, the daughter and I started to run out of the cave while Raven and Merlox stayed to shoot the bottle to pieces. They did it and luckily stumbled, when they were almost out of the cave, for an explosion came out of the cave. If they had been standing, they would have died of the flames and rubble flying out. Everybody made it just in time to the boat before the island started to sink. Again an undine started to take us away from the island at great speed. As we came further and further from the island, the daughter got older and older. She first looked as if she was twenty but she turned out to be 600 years old. We were asked by the undine where we wanted to go to and said to Pavis. In the night we all fell asleep and when we woke up we were just outside Pavis in the River of Cradles. Of the daughter there was no sign (the adventure is from a TOTRM fanzine).

Taking the Armpit of Pavis.

Merlox met at the Silk'n'Plume Arlaten and we made a deal with him. He would identify the items we had at that moment, and got all the magic items he did not want from the occupants of the Armpit of Pavis, if we took it for him. We made it quite easily, by not minding of the normal fighters on the first floor but climbing directly up to the second floor. A guard was put at the ladders up and after three men were killed, the fighters from the first floor fled. The second floor was only guarded by one real fighter, and he was killed quickly. Arlaten said he would take care of the third floor, so we had only to disarm them there. It was done and Arlaten moved in to the tower. A few weeks later some of us also moved there (the adventure is from SiP).

Broos at Vilinar River

We had heard that Duke Raus had some problems, of somebody polluting the Vilinar river, so we went to offer our assistance. Her daughter had also been kidnapped. We got the task of the polluted river and killed all the broos, who polluted the river, except one who escaped. We had found out that it was Muriah, who wanted revenge, and it was she who was behind all this. We told the Duke about this and went on finding Muriah. The Duke also had sent a group of his best men to get back her kidnapped daughter. On our way to the tower where the Dukes daughter should be held, we saw tracks of a party with at least one person using an iron scimitar (01 in track can tell you a lot of funny things). When we came to the tower where she was held, the Dukes men had already gotten her back (the adventure is from the Borderlands Pack).

Muriah's Revenge

From the tower we left for Vulture county where Muriah had her hideout (the adventure is also from the Borderlands Pack). We had to face the Avatar of Chaos, on the journey to Muriah's hideout, and it was once again very close for the party to be killed. There was this mystic message we had to solve. It directed us to a valley and there we found this cave. Deep down in the cave was a shrine with a spirit called Ormelius. It was from there Muriah got her powers. We destroyed all the carvings she had made. Merlox flew over a lake down there and destroyed a big broo skull. The cave started to cave in, when he did that ,and we got a hurry to get out from there. Outside the cave we went and hid ourselves. We waited that Muriah would come and see what had destroyed her carvings but she did not come. The group, of which we had seen the tracks earlier, was seen by us on the other side of the valley. In the end we went to her hideout. There we found a secret entrance and went inside that way instead of the guarded main entrance. We found a group of broo shamans and priests and attacked them, but they had had time to prepare themselves, so we had to withdraw. We found an evil temple of chaos cults. There we killed five of Muriah's followers. When we saw the big dinosaur broos, we retreated. We had heard about them but the were even more horrible than we expected. In the tunnel we retreated into, we found iron bars and a door. We went through the door, and then a big spider attacked us. Instead of killing it, as we usually do with our enemies, we spared it and healed it. With my mindlink I could talk to it. It gave us some valuable information about the place and the inhabitants. We got also a divine spell and some power storage chrystals. There we rested safe and made a new attack on the priests and shamans. This time we did not let the guarding spirit fly and warn them, but set a ghost on it. The ghost won and the alarm system did not work anymore. Just before we entered their cave, we put on us all our magic. It was not an easy match but we managed to kill all of the broos. Because most of our magic points were used up, we made camp. There we rested to the following morning, when we again went to the temple. Just before the temple, we put all our magic on us, and charged. We fought broos and Merlox killed the huge (SIZ 69) dinosaur broo with a 40 point venom spell. Then we made a tactical retreat. Of Muriah's big gang was not very many alive anymore. After some resting we made the final attack. We killed the two smaller (SIZ 40) dinosaur broos and all of Muriah's followers. Muriah herself fled into her chambers. I got mobility 6 on me but I took one wrong turn and went to the wrong direction. Raven and Merlox came to her chambers and started to attack her but very cautiously. Muriah shot with a crossbow, from behind a wall, and they had to back a little. Then there were a big gorp attacking them. Muriah herself got away before more of us came to help. The Lunar party killed Muriah and claimed that they had done it by themselves, when they came to Raus Fort. They got very surprised and gave some credit to us, when they saw that we came there. They probably had expected that we had been killed by Muriah. After this adventure I was ready to be initiated to Wind Lordship.

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