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Chapter 18
What to do with Tatius the Bright?


It was clear that Tatius the Bright had become scared of the A-TEAM, because of what false evidence Gim-Gim had sent Tatius for Gim-Gim himself to get rid of the A-TEAM, which would kill him, which eventually happened despite his efforts. Tatius was a much more difficult problem than Gim-Gim. He was so much higher in the Lunar hierarchy, that the A-TEAM couldn't do much about him, at least not immediately and not directly. Also it was agreed that within two weeks, Tatius wanted to have a response on that the A-TEAM had been eradicated, or then there would be a new message sent by him to kill the A-TEAM, just like the message they had this time stopped with the help of the trolls.

In the A-TEAM Inn, the A-TEAM sat and thought of different possible solutions for this big problem. All-in-all twenty different ideas were brought forward. The ideas were:

  • Flee from New Pavis forever and leave everything they had worked for here behind
  • Hide in the Rubble (i.e. Blind King's Castle) until Tatius looses his interest in the A-TEAM
  • Give themselves up to Lunar
  • Get Sor-Eel on A-TEAM's side against Tatius and this way get Tatius to withdraw his order of killing the A-TEAM
  • Somehow explain Tatius that what Gim-Gim had told him was untrue, and that the A-TEAM does not threaten him in any way
  • Start a rebellion in Prax, which would get Tatius to put aside his hunt for A-TEAM until the rebellion was over
  • Get Tatius special envoy Halcyon van Enkorth to convince Tatius that Gim-Gim's stories were untrue
  • Get Tatius Lunar army occupied somewhere else by starting a war there
  • Cut the Lunar communications from Tatius to New Pavis like they had done now
  • Attack the Lunar instead of letting them attack the A-TEAM
  • Drink for the two last weeks of their lives until killed by the Lunar soldiers
  • Defend themselves in the Rubble against the coming Lunar soldiers by using a guerilla tactic having Blind Kings Castle as their hidden base
  • Kill the Lunar College of Magic's leader in New Pavis and this way delay the inevitable, maybe getting instead someone else who would oppose Tatius order of killing the A-TEAM
  • Talk with the Coders to get them to convince Tatius, that the A-TEAM does not intend to harm him
  • Make a deal with Arlaten to get a new identity, the way Dolxx had done in the past, see Defense of the Air Temple in Pavis and live on in New Pavis. They would of course loose some of their influence, as Kaid-aw would not be anymore member of the City Council or the High Priest of the temple on the Yelmalio Hill
  • Make a deal with Tatius directly somehow, the biggest problem being how to get a direct communication line to him
  • Convert to Seven Mothers and to denounce all their past activities and start to follow the Lunar way
  • Head to Glamour and get Tatius fired from his current position because of his misuse of his position by sending soldiers against the A-TEAM on a personal vendetta and thus stop him from sending the men after the A-TEAM
  • Make a popularity campaign for A-TEAM in the area, making them so popular, that the Lunars would not dare to kill the A-TEAM
  • Leave New Pavis for some time and come back later when things have cooled down
  • Contact Fazzur the Wideread, commander of the Lunar Military Force south of Dragon Pass, and tell that Tatius is using Fazzur's troops on a personal vendetta against the A-TEAM, and thus doing an incriminating act, making it possible for Fazzur to get also Tatius position by having him dismissed
  • Of all these possible alternatives, two different ones were chosen. Firstly by using the Lunar College of Magic message tube, they would send all the evidence they had to Fazzur about Tatius personal vendetta and maybe get Fazzur to stop Tatius from his mission of killing the A-TEAM. The evidence was gathered with the original message and the translation of it together with all the other facts they had gathered. The only problem was how to get the message directly to Fazzur, without some of his secretaries to read and throw away the message, considering it to be a hoax. If it was sent outside of Lunar internal messages, surely someone else would read the message before it would reach Fazzur. Tatius surely had his spies in Fazzur's organization, and thus he would get to know about this and could try to convince Fazzur that this was one more attempt from the A-TEAM to get rid of him. Merlox solved the problem by getting an original Lunar College of Magic seal on the message tube and also getting it sent from the New Pavis Lunar College of Magic, making it look real as it would be sent to Fazzur using the normal channels. It was a anonymous letter not signed by anyone, but written in a such a way, that it seemed to be written by someone very high in the New Pavis Lunar College of Magic organization, with access to all of this information, who did not approve Tatius attempt to kill the A-TEAM, thinking of this as the only way he could stop Tatius. The reasons why he did not apparently approve Tatius decision, he motivated by telling about the instability of the area, and getting 1000 new mobilized soldiers in the area would for sure get the nomads very upset and on the brink of starting rebellion or start once again campaigns against Lunar, thus breaking the fragile peace in the area. The message did in no manner tell he pitied the A-TEAM, but really tried to think for the best of Lunar, which he thought this obsession against A-TEAM was harming.

    The other thing the A-TEAM did, was to leave for a quest to interpret the puff's of the Dragons as told by the Giant at Condor Crags. In the very early stages of their careers, they had been to Ormsgone Valley in the Hydra Mountains, where one of the four dragons, Yarn was said to be. For Kaid-aw to get rid of his bodyguard, the only way was to make this a Holy Quest for him supported by Yelmalio. By being the High Priest of his temple in the Yelmalio Hill in the Rubble, he could this. Dolxx and Axjack got Orlanth also to make it a Holy Quest for them and getting the support from the local temple.

    Read more on how the interpretation of the Dragon's Puff went.
    The witch Pomalgimia knew how to get to a location where they could decrypt the coded message.

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