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Chapter 3
Exterminating the Black Arkat Troll Clan

A date for a negotiation was set. It was in the middle of the night near a deserted well. The A-TEAM came there in time to be able to prepare themselves. It was Raven who would negotiate with the Black Arkat clan, while the rest would hide in a building nearby. At a sign a surprise attack was to be made. When the negotiator of the clan came, he had only two trollkin guards. Then the negotiator said to the rest of A-TEAM to come out of the building. A surprise attack was made by Kaid-aw. He fired an enhanced crossbow bolt, but it just went through the negotiator. Raven also attacked the negotiator but he got the same result. The negotiator was an illusion. The trollkins were killed very quick by a mad Raven. The illusion threatened Arlaten and everybody who decided to stay in the tower. There would be six disasters that would kill everybody there.

The next morning a group of six Storm Bulls had made camp just outside the Armpit. When they were told to move along they started to insult the A-TEAM. The followers and some of A-TEAM went down to put some strength in their words. Dolxx stayed on the wall in the Armpit. Eventually Merlox got angry and threw six palsies on the Storm Bulls. Four of the hit their targets. Two was in the chest, so they were out of the fight while two were in the lower body preventing them to move. A newcomer, Tet'Pai started to fight the leader. But it just took two attacks to get Tet'Pai down. Elsewhere Raven kicked and Kaid-aw used his spear effectively and two Storm Bulls were out. The leader made an Divine Intervention and fled while four of the others were killed. One was left naked in the middle of the Rubble after Raven had pissed on him. The day went otherwise very quietly. But then in the night six shades attacked. First killed Raven but he was resurrected and then Tet'Pai and Archatt went unconscious from the fear attack. Dolxx was not disturbed and killed one shade with a single blow. Two other defenders were demoralized. Merlox was attacked by the end of the fight by all of the six shades but he never got any problems with them. Dolxx attacked the other shades but they withdrew before they were killed. The last shade killed Baldos with its last attack. Baldos was taken to Pavis in the morning and resurrected. Ravens Griffin baby had arrived in Pavis and he took it. Raven knows how to train a Griffin and wants to try it out on the Griffin baby he bought.

During the next night there was an enormous thunderstorm, which was not normal. In the middle of the night a metal spider climbed over the wall. It was made of led. Tet'Pai and Baldos attacked it, but Tet'Pais spear got stuck in the spider. It then started to glide along the spear downwards to Tet'Pai who dropped the spear. The spider slide away from the spear and climbed into the well where it opened itself. It was filled with poison and it succeeded in poisoning the well. After that the night went quietly.

Fresh water had to be got the next day. Big barrels were bough and filled with water. When everybody else except Merlox was fetching water the smith of the household tried to kill Merlox. Luckily he missed his open chance and Merlox woke. Then the smith fled and was not caught. In the evening a huge swarm of insects filled the whole Rubble. From a flying ball, 1000 poisonous spiders fell upon the Armpit. The night went very nicely killing these spiders. And even then only a few hundred were killed.

In the morning Dolxx got a warning from a fellow Orlanth priest that somebody was hiring men to attack the Armpit. And in the afternoon about 60-70 men were gathered around the Armpit. The A-TEAM tried to scare them away by letting Dolxx tell that the place was protected by Orlanth and the A-TEAM. Also Kaid-aw tried to scare them away with a warning by Yelmalio. But the men surrounded the Armpit. Nothing happened during the night which surprised the A-TEAM. Arlaten called the A-TEAM to his office and told them that in the evening the battle would be decided. In a warehouse nearby something evil was gathering strength. They would have to take Mikos with them as a guide and kill the evil. In the evening the A-TEAM prepared themselves and jumped over the wall. Kaid-aw and Merlox fumbled and fell down, but they were not hurt. Then they ran fast with the help of a mobility 6 spell. The hang-around members were left to defend the Armpit. At the warehouse Mikos went for a look around. He came soon back and was shaken. There were six troll sorcerers summoning a demon. And they had their six bodyguards with them. With the help of the mobility spell, the A-TEAM made a surprise attack on the trolls. Merlox killed instantly one troll guard. On the next round Merlox was wounded badly but became heroic. Dolxx got a darkwall against him. Windius, Dolxx allied spirit, dispelled the darkwall the next round. Kaid-aw killed two troll guards while Raven was hurt badly and had to sit down. On the fourth round Kaid-aw killed one of the sorcerers, while Raven who had healed himself got hurt again. Kaid-aw continued his killing fury on the next round killing his second sorcerer while Merlox killed his first. On the sixth round the scales turned towards the A-TEAM since Dolxx, Merlox and Raven killed one troll guard each, but the troll demon grew in size to SIZ 30 and started to get the feature of a spider. Then Dolxx killed one of the sorcerers. On the eight round the demon, now a spider, fled towards the Armpit. Kaid-aw and Merlox killed the last two sorcerers. As the A-TEAM run out of the building they saw a mighty fight between Arlaten and Aziok, the spider demon. In the end Arlaten killed Aziok and the clan was almost wiped out. There was also a fight around the Armpit and a few trollkins were killed. All what remained of Azioks Black Arkat clan was 8 trolls and 25 trollkin and they were assimilated in a bigger clan. The humans who had been surrounding the Armpit fled when they saw Arlaten kill Aziok. Then the night calmed down (The adventure is Black Magic from SiP).

The following morning Arlaten told that in one week his defenses were completed. He also told that there would be a great party when the spell was done. He also gave the A-TEAM medallions that enabled them to move around in the Armpit freely, without the hindrance of the spell. It turned out to be the biggest party the Rubble had seen for many years. A group of twelve Storm Bulls came to the Armpit the following morning. Their leader Storm Khan Wartongue wanted to have the responsible people who killed his men and hindered their holy mission. Dolxx who was talking said that there were no criminals here and that leave now. Wartongue challenged Dolxx to come down to talk as a man and not as a wimp from the wall. Merlox came also down. Dolxx cast his protection and bladesharp and opened the gate. The he tried to talk sense to Wartongue. But Wartongue just attacked. Dolxx parried the first attack easily but the second was a critical in the head, which severed Dolxx head. Dolxx made a DI and got better spells upon him from Orlanth. Merlox cast 2 palsies against Wartongue who was disabled when the chest was unusable. The party then left the Armpit and continued their holy mission. Dolxx followed their trail to the Yelmalio Hill. He made some inquiries about the place. In the Yelmalio Hill on a wall holy weapons are found and the Storm Bulls were on a mission to get one. Dolxx hired a man to watch for the Storm Bulls and maybe he would give them a lesson later.

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A picture with runes which makes this page look cool ;-)