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Chapter 6
The reapperance of the Unholy Trio

After these minor worries, one night Dolxx had a a very special dream:

Sunrays shone on a specific spot through the clouds, like Orlanth wanted to show the place for Dolxx. The spot was somewhere inside a walled area. An urge filled Dolxx to go and investigate the place.

In the morning Dolxx left for a counseling with Orlanth priests and together they agreed to send Dolxx with five other Orlanthis to investigate the Huntlands inside Big Rubble, as there were reports of a bright spot there. Axjack followed also with Dolxx.

When they arrived to the spot in the Huntlands a sylph was holding up a black chaos globe. At the same time Dolxx saw Kaid-aw with a big group of Yelmalios approaching the same spot. The tension grows between the Orlanthis and Yelmalions, even if Kaid-aw and Dolxx greet each other. Kaid-aw had seen a similar dream but he interpreted it as Yelmalio showing him a place to visit, as the sun-rays broke through the cloud cover. He had then gathered a troop and left for the place. Kaid-aw cast a divination and asked for guidance from Yelmalio. Kaid-aw felt like this item should be protected in a temple. Dolxx was of course of the feeling that it was in an Orlanth temple it should be kept, while Kaid-aw wanted to have it in the Yelmalio temple. Dolxx suddenly jumped and tried to take the globe, but Kaid-aw jumped immediately after. The fighters drew weapons, but did not start to fight against each other. Yelmalions had an advantage, as there were more Yelmalions than Orlanthis present. As Dolxx and Kaid-aw wrestled about the globe they fell into a tunnel that had suddenly opened in the ground. There were Dwarfs and Trolls who also started to fight about the ownership of the globe as Dolxx and Kaid-aw was laying on the ground.

A trollkin took the globe and started to run away with it, but Kaid-aw cast sunspear and killed the trollkin. A troll took the globe and started to run away with it. Suddenly Kaid-aw and Dolxx noticed Raven there among the trolls, leading the trolls. He had also seen a dream about this place and had therefore gathered a troop and come here. As Raven tried to hinder Dolxx from catching the troll, so he started wrestling against Raven to be able to pass. Kaid-aw let a krashtide loose after the running troll. Kaid-aw fought the other trolls to be able to pass through. As Raven and Dolxx were wrestling they stopped and started to follow were the troll had left. The tunnel divided into two and they chose one of the tunnels. It ended in a bronze door, and a quick track showed nobody had passed through here for a long time. They backed to the previous crossing and took the other tunnel instead. Unfortunately it divided soon into three, so the parties split, with Raven and his trolls went to one of the tunnels, Dolxx and Axjack to the second while Kaid-aw went to the third tunnel. Dolxx was tracking some new tracks, when he heard a over one hundred pairs of feet approaching, most probably trolls, and had to back away. Raven and Kaid-aw returned also, and they backed away to the hole where they had fallen down. Raven went to meet the approaching trolls and to divert them away from attacking Dolxx and Kaid-aw. Meanwhile the dwarfs had disappeared completely. Kaid-aw was helped by his men to climb up with a rope and they took their rope with them, so Dolxx had to climb up and then lower a rope to help Axjack up from the tunnel. After this everybody left the area. Some research was done and the party found the following interesting information of how the Chaos Wars had started long ago:

1. Ragnaglar fell into a hole and became chaotic.
2. Thed and Malia (the twins) borne Wakboth.
3. The Chaos Wars had started.

It was probable that the globe had shown the first sign, as a chaotic globe fell in a hole, but how to find and stop Thed and Malia of having Wakboth? To be able to search closer in the Huntlands, a base camp was founded on southern of Twin Hills. From there it would be easier to patrol the area closer. After walking and searching for some unnormal sites, they found between the Twin Hills an circle with about 100m diameter, that was newly plowed. When the sun went down, the place still radiated eerie light. The light was enough too see, not well but good enough. The party hid themselves about one hundred meters from the outer edge of the circle in some bushes to see if some thing would happen.

And indeed in the dark, groups of five to seven broos started to approach the circle and enter it. Also groups of humanoids and Scorpion men came every now and then. After about an hour there were more than 100 broos and maybe 60 humanoids and Scorpion men together. One humanoid, one large and one small broo, probably leaders, went to the middle of the circle. The party sneaked slowly closer to the circle. Dolxx shot multimissiled arrows against the humanoid and Raven used his sling also against him, while Merlox used his venom on him. Kaid-aw used his crossbow with multimissiles against the big broo. Both the big broo and the humanoid died. A huge rumble started and a fighting begun between the three fractions.

The small broo took command and got after a while the situation cooled down and under control again. Two new representatives of the two dead come up in the middle. A ritual begins and a glassy cupola rose around the three leaders. A black sceptre rose up from the earth. The small broo started to talk to all the gathered chaos followers. He told if they would together do a ceremony, then the second link would come through and the Chaos Wars could start again. But then the big Thed leader broo took his broo scull, and declared the sceptre as Theds. Kaid-aw and Raven shot dead the small broo. The Malia followers started to summon small insects against the other. A big fight starts between the three fractions. Thed have most followers here and soon start to win over the others. Ten broos run towards the middle to secure their leader and the sceptre. Merlox used his venom and killed the both leaders still left in the middle. Three of the broos start to fight who will be the new leader and when one of them emerges as a winner, Dolxx and Axjack killed him with arrows. Five more broos came running to the middle, but Merlox used a multispell venom and killed them all. Dolxx cast his best mobility (ten) and run to the middle and took the sceptre from the ground and ran back away. His was so blindingly fast, that not many even saw him doing that. After this capture of the sceptre, the party backs away from the area and returned to New Pavis.

They had to bribe themselves through the gates into New Pavis. Kaid-aw deceived the others and got the sceptre into the Yelmalio temple to be safe there. After this everybody went to sleep.

Early next morning Lunar made an invasion in the current Flintnail temple and raided it to get the third item which would could be used to start the Chaos Wars from the Dwarfs. A common meeting between the three fractions who held one of the items was held. Here Kaid-aws deceit came out, as he claimed the sceptre to be only as Yelmalios, not as A-TEAM or the others who had participated in the capture of the sceptre. Dolxx, Axjack and Merlox were furious, but could do nothing. They got the right to attend the meeting, but they could not do anything there as they did not have anything to bargain with. In the meeting Count Julan and a masked man represented Lunars, while Kaid-aw and Light captain Haloric Glow-brow represented Yelmalio, Raven and deathlord Obar-Kag represented the Trolls. Merlox represented Arlaten and the sorcerors, while Dolxx and Axjack represented Orlanthis. Many difficult political discussions were held were Merlox as the representative of the sorcerors and Dolxx as the representative of Orlanthis were the losers. Raven got his only demand through, and from now on the trolls owned a big area of the Rubble known as the Stronglands and Lunars would not put their feet in that part again. They also got the right to destroy the old Flintnail temple which remained in the new enlarged area. The ceremony in which the items were put together to make the items useless was held in the Yelmalio temple and led by Yelmalions and they got control of the Suntown area of New Pavis. The Lunars would get the items after the ceremony was held. The sorcerors got nothing, as neither did the Orlanthis except the right to participate in the ritual. One other fraction in the town who growls this deal was the Dwarfs, as they were robbed of the third item by the Lunars. They became much more anti-Lunar and pro-Orlanthi after this. Dolxx still growls this deceit by Kaid-aw.

The ceremony was held on the next wildday, and it was the first time trolls could come freely and legally into New Pavis. The ceremony was very long but after it was finished, the partying begun with free beer in all bars in New Pavis. Count Julan and Anderida took the items to the Seven Mothers temple where they still probably are. The party was remembered for a long time as the biggest party in the town ever.

In the next adventure the A-TEAM had to fight a Vampire.
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