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Chapter 5
Minor worries

After A-TEAM had taken controll over the area just inside the Wyvern Gate the area started to get a little more unsecure. There were more robberies and assaults tha earlier. To this the A-TEAM responded with more patrolling on the area but somehow the word was spreading around before them, and they seldom caught any thieves or other vigilants.

After the Inn had been open for some time a man noticed sitting there every evening. He was a lunar from Pavis. One night Dolxx, Merlox and Raven tried to follow him into Pavis to get to know who he was. But inside Pavis he noticed Merlox and Raven, and tried to loose them. When they understood that they had been observed, the A-TEAM stopped following the man. At the gate out from Pavis they tried to bribe a guard about who he was, the guard only said that the man had good connections in the city.

One afternoon when Dolxx, Merlox and Raven was patrolling around in their area a yellow arrow was shot against Merlox. It did not do any damage but it was not an ordinary arrow. Mostly such arrows were used by Yelmalio's and Yelornan's. A note was sent to Yelornan's as it was very improbable that Yelmalio's would shoot an arow. That would Kaid-aw see to. There came no answer from the Yelornan's, but the issue was dropped.

A Lunar patrol came one evening to the Inn dragging a man with them, who they accused of arsony. He had tried to burn down a house nearby. The leader of the patrol was an old "friend", Runelord Dalamides of YT, who had taken the honour of killing Muriah and her gang even if A-TEAM had done it. He did not recognise Dolxx as his looks was changed and he used the name of Windi. The others were not present. The hired guards took the man in custody. Dalamides and his patrol took rooms for one week and stayed there. Dalamides and his men were given a free round of beer as gift to compensate for the arrest of the arson. The arson turned out to be deaf and his tongue had been cut off. Also all attemps to with mindspeech failed. He was held for one week and the attemps were tried again but no contact was made. Then Raven got mad and the man was crusified. Every now and then some Zebra riders came to drink and sometimes they started to brawl during the evening. They were always thrown out of the Inn if they did it.

One afternoon there came people to get the A-TEAm as a horrible monster had come on a square with a well, where the inhabitants got their water. Dolxx, Merlox and Raven responded and left to see what it was. It looked really horrible, with three big arms and no head. The fingers were small arms which held weapons. First some defensive spells were thrown on the A-TEAM. When they came a little closer the monster, it threw three spells against Raven. He could not stand against them and fell down deadly wounded. Luckily some powerful healing spirits were cast and saved Raven from dying. Raven cast a darkwall but it could see through it. Merlox prepared a powerful venom and cast it against the monster. It was affected but not dead. Then the A-TEAM closed in to combat. Dolxx started by hitting it very heavily in the abdom and Raven hit it in a leg with a crush. It died from the second blow. As they examined the corpse, they saw some reminants of lunarmen. The monster was made of many dead people. Was it a Lunar experiment that had gone wrong or was it something the krarshti of the Devilsplay ground had sent against the A-TEAM? It was wet, and it seemed like it had climbed out of the well. The well definately had a connection to the playground and it was filled up, so that no monsters could anymore climb up from it.

In the end of the training period the A-TEAM was once again alarmed. A Lunar caravan had been attacked during the night. The caravan had transported a holy artefact for the Pavis cult from the Real city in the Rubble to the Pavis temple in New Pavis. The attack had been made by elves. When the A-TEAM came to the place of the incident, there were already many high Lunar officials. The leader of the was Count Julan. It was very clear that whoever had made the attack had clearly known exactly what and where they were looking for. There was first a mass of arrows, as filling the sky, and then some humans had came to get the artefact. Dolxx made a special track and found tracks of three different elfgroups with ten elves each. The humans were six men and looked as they were sailors. Their weapons were a little bit shabby and their weapons were rusty. The tracks of the men were going towards the river. They ended there at a landing place. At a nearby hut Dolxx tried to ask if they had seen or heard anything during last night but they said hadn't. He was pleased with the answer and left for the Zebra riders. That did not please Raven and he and Merlox stayed and wanted to ask more. (What really did happen is this: Raven asked first once, but no answer and then as he said for the last time, had the family seen or heard anything? They said no, they had not heard a thing. Raven then approached closer to the family. The man took his sword and started to threaten Raven. Raven didn't like it and came closer. The man attacked Raven and was killed with one blow. Raven then approached the wife. She put her two children behind herself. She then spit on Raven which angered him and she was killed by him. Raven also killed the smaller of the children, but the older, about 4 years, came out of the hut and was captured by Merlox. Raven did not care anymore and Merlox let the child go.)

At the Zebra bridge Dolxx tried to ask the guards there if they had seen a boat during the night. Nothing was got out of them. They dwere not intereseted in Dolxx's bribes either. Or then the bribes were too small. As the guards became more and more offensive, Dolxx left. He met Merlox and they went to the bridge over the Zola Fell river near New Pavis. As they asked the same questions there the men said that, the previous guard might have seen something. Then Dolxx and Merlox went to try and find out Germorious, who had had the previous shift. He would be found somewhere outside Pavis in the barracks there. Even if they spent a whole day there, they did not find him. The only thing they got out was that he could be met after five days when he had his following shift at the bridge. Meanwhile had Raven went to the bridge guarded by trolls and he asked them the same thing. They had seen the men earlier and knew that they lived near the Puzzle Canal.

Next morning they went to Arlaten as Raven wanted to get a illusion to cover that he is a troll, when he would enter Puzzle Canal. As they reached Arlaten's tower, a Lunar caravan with a palanquin carried by 8 bearers escorted by 12 officers and 36 soldiers was coming out from the tower. An officer cried make way for us. Dolxx and Merlox stepped aside for the caravan but Raven did not. The officer cried again make way, but Raven did not move. The officer then sent 6 soldiers to surround and move Raven away. The officer said that Raven should be whipped, but he had no whip, so instead he carved a X on the back of Raven. At the same moment the caravan passes by. Inside Arlatens tower the party went and met Arlaten. Merlox asked who the Lunar was and Arlaten said that it was Tala Errio, who wanted to see him, but he dismissed her. Arlaten thinks that the Lunars are becoming a pain in the ass, as they always disturb him. Dolxx agreed wholeheartedly. In the evening when the spell was complete the party went to the Inn to sleep and start in the morning to Puzzle Canal. Raven got his illusion for four weeks at Arlaten's, but he had to pay for it.

When they arrived to the central bridge there are two trollkins who wanted 2 L/man for passing the bridge. Dolxx and Raven took no notice of the trollkin, while Merlox threw two bolgs to them. When they had passed them two slingstones hit Raven and Dolxx. It had to be the trollkins. Raven approached the trollkins and as he was about to attacked one of them they both fled. Dolxx threw a Mobility on himself and Raven and they caught up the trollkins. It was one hit each and they were dead. The corpses were moved beside the bridge. Merlox, who stood on the bridge saw four men on the other side, but as the men saw Merlox, they fled back into the Rubble. On the other side of the bridge they met four other men, who were of the Revenant cult. They are fighters of Pavis and outcasts of Humakt as they return to revenge after their death. It was their High Holyday, that day and they were on their way to kill Ulforg, a chaos Demon in the Devils Playground. They asked if Dolxx, Merlox and Raven would like to join. But the party did not join and then the men boasted how tough guys they were and asked if the A-TEAM had ever killed chaos monsters. Dolxx replayed that he had killed Chorgshaphobs, last year in the Puzzle Canal, where they were heading right now, and earlier had killed Oll, a huge chaos demon in the Poralistor River , not to mention about the Chaos Centaur near the Elf Sea. The men did not believe the stories and left.

When the high wall surrounding the Puzzle Canal had been reached it was Merlox who got the hook on the top. When he tried to climb up, he fumbled and the hook, missed its grip. Again it was Merlox who got it up and this time it held as everybody climbed up. Dolxx took the lead and started to hack a path into the inpenetrable jungle like surrounding. After some fifteen meters a small elf (1') jumps on Raven and said: "A good troll, is a dead troll!" and jumped on the other side of the path. The passageway ended in a dead-end with a small birds nest like building hanging on a branch. After taking another path along the wall a small giant, SIZ 35, sat on the inner wall. He had a greatsword and looked like he was belonging to Humakt. He saw the group and introduced himself as Platewalker. He asked what the party was doing and wanted to come along. After some discussions he was allowed to do so. In the next passage inward a big gorp is laying between the inner walls. The party disrupted it, but it got away over the wall. Platewalker did not do anything to it as it had not done anything to him. There was a small clearing with some trees ahead. In the clearing a hard blow hit Dolxx. There were five animated wartrees, that were attacking the party. Dolxx casted his spells and started to chop down the trees. Merlox and Raven did the same. Platewalker did once again nothing as the trees didn't attack him. After some rounds Merlox said that: "Guys, were in deep shit now!" To that Platewalker asked: "Are you in really deep shit?" And as Raven answered "Yes, we are", Platewalker started to change shape. It was a lycanthrope-stegosaur, who had disquised himself to a giant. Platewalker had plate armor on him and iron weapons. He then said: "I challenge you to a duel" to Raven. After some rounds of battle Raven fell down on the ground and Platewalker asked him if Raven has lost, to which Raven said yes. Meanwhile had Dolxx allied spirit Windius cast ignites on the trees and Dolxx managed to chop down the first tree. Platewalker then chose Merlox as his next victim and challenged him. As Dolxx chopped down another tree and a third burnt down, Merlox lost to Platewalker and died of a massive hit, that cut Merlox in two pieces from the abdomen. Platewalker asked last of Dolxx if he was in deep shit to which Dolxx replied, that no he isn't, even if he got his hands full of work. Then Platewalker said "You are an honourable fighter" and left. Dolxx chopped down one more tree and the last one burnt down. Then he healed and resurrected Merlox. After some rounds of rest they decided to leave the place.

Near the place where they met Platewalker a large arrow just missed Dolxx. It was a bolt from an arbalest. It made a huge hole in the wall. At the place where they had climbed down from the outer wall there were four small elf's. They asked why Dolxx killed trees and he answered it was an accident. Then the elf's wanted Dolxx to move away from the line of fire to the troll. Dolxx stepped aside and the elf's started to prepare a spell. Raven understood he would not leave alive if he did not do something special and teleported himself up on the wall. As Dolxx was about to climb up the elf's wanted to get a gift from Dolxx and he gave a small pearl and three gems. He then climbed up. Raven had meanwhile jumped down from the wall. Merlox climbed over the as the last person. When they had got about a hundred meters from the wall an arrow flew in front of them. Attached to it was a small purse containing the three gems, gems Dolxx had given and a note, that said that they were not too greedy. The note was written by a normal sized hand, which meant that there had o be real elf's also around, even if the group did not see them.

At the central bridge there were two trolls and six trollkins. The trolls stood beside two dead humans and smoked something. Raven understood that they were trying Hazia. The trollkins wanted to have toll again for passing the bridge. This time Raven was mad and he attacked immediately the trollkins. Dolxx did the same. It took only a few rounds before the trollkins were dead. The trolls did not mind it at all. Raven was still mad and went to the trolls. One of the trolls waved to him, move away, but as it did not turn Raven it charged. Raven killed it first and then the other troll. Raven asked if the trolls knew who Duke Raven was before he killed them, but they did not know, to which Raven said that it is me and now you are going to die. After that the party returned to the Inn.

How would the A-TEAM react if they heard of the Unholy Trio's reapperance?
Did you read what the A-TEAM did in the Devils Play Ground?

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