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  • My first RuneQuest page was published in the summer 1995, when I still was a student and had time to surf on the net. I found David Dunham's Gloranthan Information and was impressed at what I saw. He had the best linklist containing maybe a dozen of links to RQ/Gloranthan sites on the net.
  • During 1996 I started to surf and collect more links, while I also started to write down our campaign notes. The number of links grew to maybe fiftysomething.
  • 1997 was the year when my linkpage was at it best. I had change work, but still had time and possibility to maintain the linkpage as the source of RQ/Glorantha information. There were close to 100 linked places by the end of the year and I updated the linklist once a week to show visitors if something had changed in those sites listed or if I'd found new sites. I also changed my pages from my university account to a new ISP, which in the long run proved to be a bad choice.
  • In 1998, my pages were already know, because of the linkspage I maintained. My biggest problem was that my work started to take more and more time, giving me less time to keep the linkpage in shape. There now over 100 links to sites all around the world, divided in language/fanzine/other sections, as there were so much information. My linkpage was one of the most visited pages at my ISP, always being in the top 10.
  • Sadly I had to admit in 1999, that I couldn't anymore maintain the links as I wished. I contacted Issaries and they gratefully accepted the responsibility of maintaining the master linkpage for Gloranthan information. The total amount of links was over 150, at most, but older sites started to disappear as people graduated and didn't have anymore webpages at school/university sites.
  • The transition to Issaries of my linkpage happened in early 2000, and some months later I found my self being thrown out by my ISP. As my work took so much time, I really didn't have time to look for a new ISP, and soon I even stopped to try to find a new site.
  • In Finland a RQ society called Kalikos was formed in late 2001, which I joined in 2002. There I again found the inspiration to make my pages visible again, by getting a good ISP.
  • The new updated pages were published in January 2003. 2.1.2003
  • After a long silence, new adventures were added in June 2004, when I finally wrote the last three adventures from the now dead Stormbull campaign and finished the Meeting the Dragon adventure for the A-TEAM and wrote the first parts of the Road to HeroQuest adventure, which is yet unfinished. 15.6.2004
  • My new linkpage was published with only very few links. 28.7.2004
  • The Road to HeroQuest adventure was continued, more items have been found. Also I made the new Pavis campaign pages, even if we have not yet started to play it. This campaign replaced the Stormbull campaign, as we decided to end that one. 12.9.2004
  • The new Pavis campaign pages got their first adventure, Mudsharks ready and some more info on the characters in that campaign on the mainpage, as well as a houserules page for this campaign. 17.11.2004
  • The Road to HeroQuest adventure was continued, even if this time no more items were found, but some epic battles were fought. I also added some notes of my other dead RQ3 campaigns and made some minor layout modifications. 20.11.2004
  • The new Pavis campaign pages the second adventure, Killing Chaos started and the houserules page got some small modifications. 27.11.2004
  • The Road to HeroQuest adventure was continued, now only the last two items were missing. 12.12.2004
  • The Road to HeroQuest adventure was continued, now we have all the items and the A-TEAM HeroQuest starts. Also the copyrights were updated on all pages. 2.1.2005
  • The Pavis campaign got the second adventure, Killing Chaos finished and a the third adventure added, read on how the party met and defeated a huge gorp. I also added a new page about Axjack, to the A-TEAM campaign pages. 19.2.2005
  • The Pavis campaign got the fourth adventure, A magical maze finished I also modified the houserules page for that campaign. 2.4.2005
  • The Copyright page was modified to follow new trademark statesments issued by Greg and Issaries Inc. 26.4.2005
  • The Pavis campaign got the fifth adventure, Into the tree started. 22.6.2005
  • The A-TEAM HeroQuest adventure was started. 9.7.2005
  • Updated the missing A-TEAM adventure names on the A-TEAM campaign pages. Also moved the dead Pavis campaign to the Dead Campaigns page. 13.11.2010
  • Updated copyright statements.7.3.2011
  • The A-TEAM adventure Aspects of Bonding, part I was added. 13.12.2011
  • Updated copyright statements, added the A-TEAM adventure Aspects of Bonding, part II - Transformation and added the Pavis Second Age campaign page. 28.12.2012



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