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The dead RuneQuest 3 Campaigns

1. The Storm Bull Campaign

I have several dead RuneQuest 3 campaigns, and the most important of them is the Storm Bull campaign with it's pages of it's own. Most of our PC were Storm Bull's as was also my character Notus von Burmschtohl (his lastname was actually twisted version of Storm Bull => Burm Stoll => Burmschtohl). It was played a lot until our GM moved elsewhere, and five years later when he returned we decided not to continue it, but start a new campaign instead, the Pavis campaign, see below as it has also been stopped playing.

2. The Pavis Campaign

The Pavis campaign started after the Storm Bull campaign had died. We played this for almost two years until our GM decided to stop even this campaign in the middle of a adventure, Into the tree. Since that we have been trying out other games than RQ with this GM.

3. The Japanese Campaign

We have tried once way back also Nippon-RQ, but as we couldn't play japanese characters correctly according to our GM, we ended it after three adventures. My guys were Mushashi, was a healer and Tufagaru (slang for "Tough guy"), a fisher. Our characters were complete beginners, and now when I look on the old character sheets, I see that they were so weak. But still they survived in three different adventures.

4. The First RQ Campaign

Our first campaign, which was the one we started to play RQ and roleplaying games begun in the middle of 80's and ended after about five years. My first charater Bormio, a dodging Humakti survived long and was a good fighter, but eventually the adventures got tougher and tougher, and he died in a fight. After this I had several shortlived characters, and the last one, my ever only female character named Barmya fetched Bormio back from the dead, tricking Humakt. This happened after a defeat of the group, when all accumulated things were lost and only a few survived. We played once with Bormio again, but then stopped the campaign and started the new A-TEAM campaign. In gametime the campaign took so long, that one of the original characters son was taken in play as and even he become quite tough.

The dead RuneQuest 2 Campaigns

1. The Jaxx the Axe Campaign

This is my oldest (still running?) campaign. It is a campaign started back in 1987 with my new friends from the university. Currently we have not played for several years, and I guess we will not either. Jaxx is now almost thirty years old and a Rune lord of Jarith, a cult of our own, which resembles Humakt but is associated with dwarfs. It uses as cult weapons axes and it also permit resurrection. He and Fisto, played by an other guy, are the only surviving original characters. Other characters of mine are Erissa Marn, a Chalana Arroy Priestess, Thakum, a Humakt Initiate and Urrck, a Storm Bull lay member. The party saved Erissa Marn from broo's and that is one reason she chose to follow the party. Other players play characters named Fisto, YTOL (Yelms Touch Of the Light), Alice, Ramon, Lamana, Torres, Firul, Dario Fo and Pelorat among others. Of course we do not play all the characters at the same time, but take the characters which suits best the adventure. The party started in Holy Country but has then been to Ralios, and from there went over the mountains to the Lunar Empire to Glamour and are back in Ralios again. Some of the party are cursed by jewels, and the group is now trying to get rid of them. To be able to do it, they had to 'get' a dragonewt-skin armor from a rich collector in Glamour and to bring it back to dragonewt's in Ralios. The dragonewt's said they would help because Jaxx party rescued a dragonewt from broo's. The armor was stolen from the collector and they got out of the Lunar territories after big problems. There were lots and lots of troubles before the party even got their hands on the armor. The party had to be split into two parts to get over the mountains. One of these parties went hunting dinosaurs to get to them fine armors, as they found a handbook in armor-making from the collector in Lunar.


2. The Troll Campaign

It is an outbreak of the Jaxx campaign as two characters, Heru-Mar and Zodiac, had to convert to trolls. They were both Zorak Zorani and had a choice, after some stupidities, of death or becoming trolls. After being in a treatment for a year they had changed to trolls. In that campaign we have at the moment five trolls and four trollkin. One troll and one trollkin died last time we, played so new characters has to be made. Other characters alive than Heru-Mar and Zodiac, are the trollkins Klakk, Band Eijd and Fnorsk. The other trolls are Merzy and Taksog. The campaign split up from the initial campaign in Ralios. Heru-Mar and Zodiac moved to Guhan were they met the others and have been since. This campaign can be considered dead, as it has not been played since the beginning of 1990's. 




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