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The Storm Bull Campaign
(earlier Notus von Burmschtohl Campaign)

The current group consists of the original characters Notus and Gustaff. Then we have three members, Obumoto, Tiny and Benrai, who have replaced the original characters Boutros, Tokk and Torgar, who have died adventuring. In addition to this we have one more extra character, Quul, a follower of Maran Gor, who is used in the case that there are not enough of player characters. One extra character, Zing, has retired with poor sight, with YondYamez leaving in anger after been bullied by the Storm Bull's with retaliation in his mind, while a third extra character, Ohiimen, has died adventuring.

The Adventures:

Campaign background

Duck Escort.
Missing children.
A Humiliating Defeat.
A Troll in Aurochi Hills.
Defeat Again.
The Search for Onthar.
Mission Impossible.
Victory at Last.
Gaumata's Vision.
The Skybull.
The Lost Ironman.
Freeing Kids.
Old Troll Tomb.
Wyrm's Hold.
Hut of Darkness.
Evil Ruin's.
Shell Hunt.
Chaotic Wind Children.
Pirate raid.
Sinking a ship.

The Campaign started when Notus and Torgar, old friends from the same village wanted to have some action, and left for adventuring. They met Gustaff in their first adventure. Tiny came along in the fifth adventure, replacing the dead Tokk, while Obumoto appeared in the seventh adventure replacing Boutros. In the fifteenth adventure Torgar fell down from a cliff and died. His substitutor, Benrai, has already been on some adventures. When Torgar died, the campaing was renamed to the Storm Bull campaign, as all ordinary characters, except Obumoto, were Storm Bulls. Obumoto is a follower of the path of imminent mastery.

The goal they are seeking is a Dragon's lair. Some old archaic scrolls they have gotten while adventuring tells about a Dream Dragon that was defeated and about a Dream Dragons lair, which now should be unguarded...
To get the archaic scrolls translated, they have had to make other adventures, where especially the Mission Impossible comes into mind.

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