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Chapter 21
Sinking a ship

During the training period, Notus had started to hear a whining noise in his ears, which nobody else heard. Sombalin Letor sent one day after the training period a note, that he would have a task for them. When they met at the Unicorn Inn once again, he told that a ship was arriving to the harbor very soon, but it should not leave the harbor anymore. It was a cog; about 25 meters long with 20-25 people onboard it. In the evening maybe some fewer, when the crew had leave, but well guarded still. A guard round was made once an hour, making it hard to do anything. The deal could not be agreed on, and the party left the inn for thinking over if they could accept such a demanding task.
The next day they met again Sombalin, and agreed on getting 1500L each for doing the task. They would burn it, with Benrai going aboard as a rat and igniting the fire needed. Maria was the name of the ship and she arrived one day later. Notus recognized the man being the same he had met with Sombalin a few weeks earlier, when the man entered his ship after it had arrived. The captain, the man and half of the crew left for land. Two guards stood posted on the deck. Benrai took the ring and went onboard as a rat. After about twenty minutes he arrived back, as he had discovered that the ship was full of slaves to be sold. Could they kill the innocent slaves, burn them inside the ship when sinking it or not. After discussing the matter, it was agreed that they would free the slaves when putting the boat on fire. Tiny went instead onboard, and suddenly an alarm sounded from the boat. Notus and Benrai started to run to the ship, attacking the guards on the deck, while Quul met a man coming out from below decks. Benrai was immediately badly wounded, and had to continue fighting from the deck. Quul maimed the man he was fighting the next round and he fell down. After that it was Notus time to succeed, he killed his guard and went helping Benrai. Benrai succeeded to hit his opponent the next round, making also him sitting on the deck of the ship. Meanwhile Quul got a second good hit and killed the first man, but another had already come out. Quul maimed the man with a single blow, dropping him unconscious. The city guards started to arrive, so Notus and Quul tried to escape. Notus was quick on his feet and made it to the maze where he got away, while Quul was captured. What happened to Benrai and Tiny was unclear for Notus.

To be continued...

Authors note

Here is where we ended this campaign, when our GM moved abroad. It ended in a very difficult situation. As atleast Quul was captured, he will tell the city guards who were behind the attack on the ship. Tiny could probably escape with the help of the ring, but what about Benrai, was he captured or not? Still the ones who managed to escape would proclaimed wanted, as they were behind the attack. The sentence depends very much on who is the man Sombalin Letor is fighting against. If he is an important powerful man, the group might be sentenced to slave-mines, while on the other hand they might get off with paying fines. A wise move might be to leave Notchet, not to return there for a long, long time, settling in a completely different part of Genertela, like Prax.

Previous task was being a bodyguard for a Chalana Arroy priestess traveling with her to a illness ridden village...

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