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The Pavis Second Age campaign

This Pavis Second age campaign was started after several small few game tries of other games as a fillout game when all of us could not make it to play either the A-TEAM or the Deus Vult campaigns. The setting is Pavis in the Second age. We all are on the brink of thiefhood, living at the edge of the law in the Shah's district in Pavis. The local Carmanians doesn't like us at all, but as long as we don't cause to much trouble and pay the rent, we are allowed to live there. My character is Vogrig, a riverman in exile from his own tribe. The other characters are Kaven Zea and Bash.

Vogrig has gone to a scribe in Pavis to get their adventures written down. Here are what has happened:

  1. Chapter: Failure

Vogrig had been gambling and lost money ment for the rent, thus the trio needed to get some work to pay the debt. The were hired to go and meet a caravan coming from Moonbroth, as caravans at this time were often attacked by Jaldon's Bison clans.

The trio made it and found the small caravan of two carts and were on their way back to Pavis when they saw six Bisonriders. Kaven Zea riding on his mount was charged by the leader, while Bash and Vogrig were shot at with arrows. Kaven Zea was impaled by the leaders lance, and out of action. Bash fighting only with a dagger is successfully defending himself, killing two of the bisonriders. Vogrig on the other hand was struggling, first he lost his shield, then his spear and surrendered. But as Bash fought on, Vogrig charged and fled under the wagon. Finally Bash was overpowered, after which the four remaining bisonriders captured Vogrig again. This time he would suffer of his trick to fake a surrender.

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