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Chapter 3
A Huge Gorp


As Warran was unconscious, Dormin, Laghlar and Urded argued about who would carry him or if they would carry Warran away from the dead broos' corpses. In the end Dormin and Laghlar dragged Warran from his arms about 50m from the cave they where made camp. Tros dragged the dead Gidet and buried him under some rocks close by, as they could not bury him properly. As the rest were expecting the worst, they tied up Warran for the night, so that he could not move, and thus fall down from the narrow ledge.

Warran woke up with the others in the morning, and was furious that he was tied up. He could not remember how he had ended up there and did not at first understand that he had to be bound. He raged but had to give up, as the others threatened to hit him unconscious if he would not shut up. The legs were then untied, so that he could walk along with the others. They knew that they had a full days walk in front of them to the homestead. Sometimes after midday, they saw a group of riders on sables approaching them. When they got closer, Tros recognized the leader, Tame from Raus Fort, head of the local militia. There were also people from the other homesteads close by. Tros told that the daughter was ill and needed healing, as also Warran might do. Still it was wisest to walk to the homestead, and take the boat from there upriver, instead of following the riders. They agreed on meeting Tame at Raus Fort tomorrow evening. In the evening they arrived to the homestead, causing both joy and sorrow for Shaila Gubrana as Tros and their daughter was alive, while her brother Gidet and her son had been killed.

Early in the morning they left with the boat for Raus Fort. This time they had no problems when they sailed through the Great Bog. Just before noon, Warran got a seizure of madness and fell comatose, not reacting on anything. When they arrived to Raus Fort, they asked the local healer Daryli Godspeaker to look what was wrong with Warran. He cast a second sight and saw two spirits inside Warran. As it was obvious that Warran was possessed, he could not help Warran; it would take a shaman to exorcise away the spirit. But he could help Laghlar, and cured him from the disease. The daughter needed also more help than he could give, so Tros would leave with her to the Paring Stone, where they could get help from the shamans living there. Warran could also get his spirit exorcised there if he would join them on the journey. But as he was hired by Dormin, he would follow with him upriver, and get the same help when they would arrive to Pavis if not earlier on their journey. In the evening the others sat up and told stories about how they were chosen by Zola Fell, while Warran fell asleep from his comatose situation.

In the morning when Warran woke up, he wondered again what is this? He wanted to get out of his ropes. When he screamed about this, Laghlar came and told this is for his own safety. Soon afterwards they left with the boat upriver. The winds were unfavorable and they had to row most of the day, and all except Warran had to help during the day to get forward. In the evening they arrived to a small village in the North Bog. Again the villagers wanted to know everything on how they had been selected as the "chosen ones".

The wind had changed during the night, and they could hoist the sails this day. After a few hours they saw an agimori running along the riverbank. He furiously winked at them, as he wanted their attention. When sailing closer, he told himself to be Pachala Paumline, and he begged for help, as there were two newtlings who were badly injured. Warran was immediately ready to help, while the others were not as keen on helping. Warran ran with Pachala, and asked him to cut himself loose, for he was still bound in his arms, for as Laghlar said "From himself". It did not take many minutes to run to the small pond, where two newtlings were laying. When Warran looked at them, he saw that one of them had already died from wounds caused by acid, while the other was barely alive, so Warran concentrated his knowledge on saving his life. With his efforts he could save the life of the newtling, introducing himself as Gechya. He and his friend Watchara had been fishing in the pond, and suddenly when Watchara had dived once again, he came back up wounded seriously from acid. He swam to him, and started to help him ashore, when he felt an immense pain in his legs, as they were on fire. He barely had the power to drag Watchara and himself on the ground, before fainting. It was obvious, that there was a gorp in the pool, and when they looked closer, they saw it, in a translucent state with visible abscesses on its back. Those abscesses would have new gorps in them, so it was necessary to kill it as soon as possible. When the others had come to the pond, they all set a disruption attack against it, and soon it was killed. But the small gorps got away, as they could not see when they floated with the river. Getchya said that as Warran had saved his life, he would serve Warran for one year as their customs bade them to do. They agreed on meeting in the Real City in the Rubble after Getchya would have gotten some things taken care of. Warran tried to dive to the bottom of the pond to investigate it closer, but failed his swimming. This caused his madness to take him over, and he got comatose, starting to sink to the bottom. Getchya dove after him, as the others said they wouldn’t do anything. When he reached and tried to drag Warran to the surface, Warran fought against Getchya, but as he wasn't in his own mind, Getchya could overpower Warran and get him to the surface before Warran drowned. Laghlar then hit Warran unconscious, and the Agimori Pachala carried him to their boat. They bade farewell to both Getchya and Pachala. This had taken some time, so Dormin, Laghlar and Urded had to row to get them to Chomorro before sunset. Just outside the city Sun County guards, who ordered them to row to the riverbank for inspection, stopped them. Koriander, member of the Monrog subcult, led their party. Laghlar hit again Warran unconscious, just in case. Everything was taken out of the boat, and written down on small notebooks made of wax. After about a half hour, they go the permission to continue. At the docks in Chomorro, they camped for the night.

Once again the weather had changed to bad, and the winds were against them. They had to row the whole day to make it to Nisa's Stream for the evening. The only who didn't have to do this was Warran, as he was once again tied up the whole day. When arrived to Nisa's Stream, the locals wanted to know about their adventures and how they had become selected by Zola Fell, as their reputation had easily traveled faster than they did. The evening went fine telling stories on both sides.

Even if it had been a cold night, in the morning the weather changed for better once more. It would be a day for sailing again, getting to rest from the rowing. It took most of the day to the Shrine of Kinope. Just before they arrive, Warran fell comatose, and did not see when they arrived to the beautiful place. There were cypresses close to the stream, and the others except Warran walked to the Shrine inside a grove. There Granddad bowed to a big fish. Everybody else showed him respect. His name was Bright-Eye and he was a priest of Zola Fell. Granddad interpreted from his speech in river tongue to tradetalk. He told about the selection of the party, and wanted to see the runes on the palms. Soon after Bright-Eye had ended his speech, the others left the grove. Bright-Eye talked very fast, and dove every now and then below the surface. There had not been for a long time any River Voices in the Zola Fell River, as they usually only appeared in a great need. Laghlar spoke to Kinope about Warran's situation, and asked if she could help him. Warran was brought to the grove, and Kinope helped Warran to face the madness-spirit in a new spirit combat, but it was still too strong for Warran, so he lost and fainted. The evening went nicely in the beautiful scenery, talking and eating, telling stories. Laghlar woke from getting water splashes on him from outside the boat. He woke the others, as it was Bright-Eye who waned their attention. He told that there was a huge gorp close to the hamlet of Harpoon, which had already destroyed boats and killed local fishermen. The big harpoon, which had given the hamlet its name, had been used, but it had not harmed the giant. Bright-Eye was sure that this was the crisis why Zola Fell had selected them. There was no time to loose, but they had to start rowing towards Harpoon immediately to stop the gorp.

At about midday they arrived to Harpoon and immediately saw the huge gorp on the shore close to the hamlet. The gorp was opaque, exactly as the one they had seen at the pond, so it was about to release lots of smaller gorps. It had to be killed as soon as possible to minimize the number of smaller gorps. The party went to see the Sundome Templars, and Dormin was selected as the spokesman. He demanded from the file leader to meet somebody higher up in the rank. It took some arguing, before he agreed on getting somebody here. The decisive was the golden shield strap buckle they had found in the otter cave where they had killed a gorp. In that was some kind of runes, and the man who showed up was Alalia Escalos, was the owner of the buckle. He took the party to the Sundome Command, where Lady Vega held command. They told why they had been sent here, and that they could help to together destroy the gorp. They also wanted to get help for Warran, as they needed all their skills to overpower such a huge enemy. Lady Vega agreed to this cooperation, and the high healer of Sundome sent a spirit against the one possessing Warran. It was a long and hard fight, but in the end it won over the madness spirit and dismissed it, freeing Warran from the possession.

After this they told their plan on how they could get rid the gorp. Warran led the planning for how destroy it, Laghlar on how to clean up afterwards, and Dormin on what to do to minimize the damages from the killing explosion. Warran’s plan was first to weaken it with fifteen blows from the Humakti using Fireblades, and the shooting arrows from the harpoon with purified water they had got from Bright-Eye. If this would not be enough they would cast Sunspears on it. Laghlar placed the cleaning troops, in a such way, that the river folk and Zola Fell cultist would see that no gorps could pass their lines in the water, while sundomers were used to search the area and mark the gorps when found, after which the Humakti would come and kill them with their fireblades. When everything was ready, five Humakti started to hit the gorp. But when the fourteenth blow hit, it exploded, killing three of the brave Humaktis. It sent all in all 122 small gorps flying around both in the river and on the shores, and all were found and killed.

Once again the team were celebrated as heroes, as they had killed this one huge gorp that was a dangerous hindrance to the whole river.

Read on how the party killed some chaos on their trip back to Pavis along the Zola Fell river.
When finally in Pavis, the group all had a nightmare about a magical maze...


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A picture with runes which makes this 
page look cool ;-)