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Chapter 2
Killing Chaos


As the business Dormin had had in mind in Corflu couldn't be finished, he wanted to return to Pavis. The party met Desi Shing, more commonly known as "Granddad", who had a small river skiff and he would take the party with him to Pavis. But they had to also take some papers to the Zola Fell temple in Pavis, and guard them in exchange for the boat ride. Sa'ar told the party about gorps, and how to fight them, as there were too many of them on the river. They got onboard and left Corflu before noon. Several hours later, when they had passed the delta and entered the river, they hoisted the sails sailed towards Lokuzzi. When passing the Three-kilometer-island, Granddad told that the island is cursed, and would never set his feet on it. After they had arrived to Lokuzzi, everybody wanted to hear about their story on how they had been rescued by Zola Fell, and became the selected ones. Also the story of killing the mudsharks interested the locals.
Early the next morning the journey continued along the river towards the South Bog. The vegetation is very dense in the bog, and brushes lean over the river. Suddenly two figures were noticed to follow the boat in the vegetation. When spotted, they came visible to the riverbank. It was a small boy and a giant otter. He wanted to see the chosen ones and waved them to come closer. When the boat was close to the bank, the otter jumped in the water and swam to the boat, jumping onboard. They boy told that the otter, Silvermane had a problem, as a gorp had taken possession of its lair. Now he asked the "heroes" if the could help Silvermane. After some argument among the group they decided to go and have a look on the situation. The gorp should be about the size of the otter. The boy translated the otter’s movement to speech, as it explained how its lair was looking like and how to get there. One thing, which made the party a little bit worried, was the fact that it started under water and had three tight passages, only slightly bigger than a man. When they started Laghlar showed nicely his skills in swimming and bypassed the others, and became the first to enter the narrow passage. But then he got stuck, and couldn't get anywhere. When Urded noticed that Laghlar didn't move, he tried to push Laghlar forward, but it didn't help. Meanwhile Dormin and Warran had got back to the surface, and asked Silvermane to help Laghlar. It immediately dove and started to pull Laghlar back. Now with it and Urded pulling together, they got Laghlar free, and swam back to the surface. As the passage was so narrow, the party asked if Silvermane could widen it a little bit. It agreed and dove into the passage in worked there for an hour widening the passage. After this the party retried to get into its lair. Some of the got had some tight moments, but everybody came through without bigger problems. In the lair, there was no light, so the only light came from Urded's bladesharp, a faint bluish glimmer. This made the visibility very poor. They crawled through the three first caves, which were all empty. The lair got bigger the deeper they went, and in the fourth cave they could all stand upright. In the back of the cave, the gorp lay black and menacing. It wasn't very big, the size being like a small boy. Everybody except Urded started to disrupt it. Warran did not succeed at all, but Laghlar showed how to do it, and killed it on the second round with his disrupts. There were some small items, which looked special and they took them from the cave. When getting back from the cave, Warran got problems as he got stuck in the second narrow place. Luckily he managed to crawl backwards and got loose. After taking a new deep breath he retried and managed to squeeze himself through the passage. Silvermane thanked the party and gave the items to them as a gift. The boy asked them to come to his village on the Nomad Island south of the bog. Granddad agreed to that as it was becoming late, and they couldn't anyway pass the bog before nightfall. The people in the village organized a big celebration for them, and they also wanted to hear all details about their selection by Zola Fell.
At dawn it was again time to sail upriver. After they had passed the South Bog, Granddad told that the Dunncana Island was holy to the local nomads. In the evening they arrived to the Five Eyes temple without any problems. The next day the wind had changed to north, and they had to start to row to get going. In the afternoon started to come closer to the Great Bog, when they saw first one and soon other smokes rising from several directions. Granddad told them, that they were message signals, calling for aid from the other homesteads in the area. Granddad now used his control Undine spell, and the boat started to move fast with the help of the Undine. When passing the first homestead, the people asked if they were on their way to the Gubrana homestead some distance away. From that homestead two men had left and were on their way, but it would take them to evening before they would arrive there. As the Undine moved very fast, the boat arrived late in the afternoon to the Gubrana homestead, just south of the Great Bog, the east side of the river. There the wife of the family, Shaila Gubrana told them, that a big group of Broo’s had kidnapped their eight-year-old son and fourteen year old daughter. His husband Tros and her brother Gidet had left the homestead a few hours ago, starting to track the Broo’s. She and their two smallest children had stayed at the farm, waiting for aid. She begged the party to help them and follow the footsteps of her husband. They eventually agreed, and found very easily the tracks on the field and started to follow them. Urded made a critical track (01!) and told the number of the Broo’s, and also the types. There were three dogbroos, three pigbroos, three ratbroos, a weaselbroo, a clifftoadbroo and a rubblerunnerbroo, making the number to twelve all in all. The tracks first went east upward and the soon turned north on a cliff ledge. After some while they found the completely ripped remains of the boy, barely recognizable as remains of a human being. The tracks turned towards the river again, when they heard some movement in front of them even if they could not see anything. It only took a few moments, when Warran first and the rest soon saw a man lying below them under the ledge they used. Warran climbed down and healed the man. He proved to be Tros, the husband, who told he had slipped and fallen down. He did not know anything what had happened to Gidet, his brother in law. Gidet came out of his hiding place, when Tros started to shout for him. They continued a short while, before it became to dark to follow the tracks and made camp.
Immediately when there was enough of light to follow the tracks they continued the next morning. The tracks followed the river north. There was a high cliff wall, and there Dormin spotted three guards (01!) high on cliff. The party backed and started to search for a way up to the top of the cliff. After an hour they found a way to climb up. On the cliff, there was only some scattered rocks and dust; nothing seemed to grow there. They walked silently to the location where Dormin had seen the guards. Cautiously they came to a position where they could all shoot on the guards. The first guarding ratbroo died immediately on the first volley of arrows, while the second survived. Warran fumbled and lost his helmet, as the strap keeping it in place snapped. The injured guard started to shout alarm, when the third ratbroo was killed with one more volley of arrows, Warran shooting the killing hit. Laghlar then shot one more arrow and killed the last guard before he could take cover. One pigbroo looked out and Warran hit him in the head, but its tough hide saved it. The husband and Gidet stayed on guard above the broo’s lair, while the rest went searching for a place where to climb down the 15 meters to the ledge where the broo’s were. Laghlar had some problems in climbing down, the others climbed nicely down. Then they walked back to the hideout. Just before it, the party put on their spells and charged. The three pigbroos and dogbroos attacked the party. On the first round of fighting Warran and Laghlar hit their opponents, while Urded maimed it, making it to fight from the ground. The second round started badly, as Dormin fell down, and had to continue fighting from the ground. In the other end, both Urded and Warran killed the dogbroo fighting against them. When the pigbroo attacked again Dormin on the next round, he became unconscious, and started to bleed, while elsewhere also Laghlar had problems, as his right leg became useless, forcing also him to fight from the ground. Warran got a new dogbroo against him, while Urded started fighting against a pigbroo. The Rubblerunnerbroo prepared spells behind the fighting broo’s while the clifftoadbroo also prepared some kind of magic. When the next round came, Laghlar managed to kill the first of the three pigbroos, even if he was sitting the ground, while both Urded and Warran wounded their opponents. On the fifth round Tros and Gidet arrived, they had also climbed down, and while Gidet went on fighting Dormin's opponent killing it with a single blow, Tros healed Dormin’s wound, so that he wouldn't bleed to death. Urded and Warran got their attacks dodged, while the parried their opponents. As the new round started, Warran made a special, killing the last of the dogbroos, while Urded killed the last pigbroo, changing the fight in the party’s favor. The rubblerunnerbroo charged facing Gidet and Tros. It made a huge attack against Gidet, who fell down, as he left leg became useless. As both Urded and Warran were without any opponents the clifftoadbroo sent two passion spirits against them, one was looking like a black well, with pale faces peering out and skeletal hands stretching towards Urded and the other looked like ghastly swirl in the air with a hysterical-laughing face in the center, going towards Warran. This forced them into a spiritcombat, while Gidet, Laghlar and the husband fought against the tough rubblerunnerbroo. It killed Gidet with its next attack, while Tros severed one of its arms. The clifftoadbroo jumped over the last fight and out on the ledge, disappearing with a huge jump to the top. It took one more hit from Tros to kill the rubblerunnerbroo. Urded easily defeated in the spiritcombat his fear spirit, but Warran became possessed with the madness spirit, falling unconscious as his lost his last magic point. Even if Dormin was badly wounded, luckily for him he didn't get any diseases. Laghlar was not as lucky, and he got the wasting disease from his wound. Now when the fight ended, they could hear the screams of the daughter from the back of the cave. Tros ran then to the daughter and started to sooth her, trying got her back to her senses and understanding that she was not anymore in danger from the broo's.

Warran would note when he will wake up from his unconsciousness that his Climb, Orate, Listen, Search, Track and Missile Attack had improved during this adventure.

Read how the party killed some menacing mudsharks near Corflu.
After this the party destroyed a huge Gorp


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A picture with runes which makes this 
page look cool ;-)