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Chapter 4
A Magical Maze


The Yelmalion started to pack up to leave the town again, but before that Lady Vega thanked the team for their good plan and execution. They were all awarded a medallion, which would show them to be friends of Yelmalions and help them if they would come to Sun County again. The locals arranged a party in the evening, where the group was celebrated as heroes. Dormin used his skills as a storyteller and told stories about how they had been chosen by Zola Fell once more. Urded wanted to get drunk, and spent the time at the bar with local ale. Laghlar and Warran went for the ladies, and Warran attracted the most beautiful girl in the village, APP 19, and they spent a wonderful night together... Laghlar wasn't as lucky, he though in the evening he had a good looking girl, but in the morning he woke up beside an APP 8 wench...

In the morning they had breakfast with Granddad, who said now they had to head straight to Pavis, as they had spent long enough time on their journey upriver. Just outside Amble they made camp for an uneventful night.

It was just after midday, when they arrived to the Big Rubble, and had once again pass through the Lunar checkpoint. Later in the afternoon they arrived to the Zola Fell temple boat. People had gathered to see them arrive, as the rumor about them had already passed. A newtling was looking at the party when they climbed up to the boat, and then showed them into one of the two deckhouses on the boat. There the local priest, also a newtling, told that there would be a party for them in the evening, in a very bad trade talk. They thanked him and gave the letters, which Sa'ar had sent with them to Pavis. As they had some hours left, they left the boat, and arrived back to it later. Warran went to his tent and friends to see how his sable had survived the time he had been away. Just before dark Warran went back to the temple boat and met also the others there. The party in their honor was very good, with lots of food and drink.

When they finally woke up, Warran left with Dormin to the Real City, as he wanted to get his salary for the time he had been hired for Dormin. They had no problem in getting there, even if the real city guards looked at Warran closely, but as he came with Dormin, he got to pass. At the city office, they went to Dormin's room, where Dormin started to haggle on the price he had originally agreed to pay. This because of the madness-spirit possession Warran had had. In the end the settle for 80% of what originally agreed. Dormin left for his wife and home, while Warran headed again back to the sable camp in the Badside. That night Warran had a horrible nightmare:

He was flying over the Rubble, when he suddenly descended to a ruin city surrounded by a thick hedge. Small paths led away from the ruins. Soon he was at an altar of wood; maybe it had grown into that? It snapped in two, and a dark tunnel opened leading downwards. From there a Krjalki charged with his sword. Then a head rolled on the ground, the face of it that looked like his started to mutate to monster... At which stage he woke up screaming.

It took some time before Warran fell asleep again, but woke then up in the morning. As he hadn't been out hunting for some time, he jumped on his Sable and rode of to the east, starting to search for tracks. The full day went by, and he hunted and caught some game, which he prepared for him as food. In the evening he returned to his tent in Badside, ready to prepare the rest of the meat and hide. A small boy was waiting for him, telling Laghlar, Dormin and Urded wanted to meet him at Gimpy's in New Pavis. After this message the boy ran away. Warran went to New Pavis and asked for direction there, as he did not know where Gimpy's was. It didnít take him very long to get there where he met the others, who also had had similar nightmares. Dormin had identified the ruin city to be on Ogre Island, known for its chaotic inhabitants and surroundings. After some discussions, they agreed on leaving for the next morning by boat. They would fetch a ride on one of the boats running down the river, by asking from the Zola Fell temple, as they were chosen by Zola Fell.

As Dormin had had some things to take care of, and the rest got onboard a boat one hour before noon, while Dormin joined the group in the boat at about midday close to the Zebra Fort. The boat sailed along the shores of Ogre Island, but no place on the eastern shore reminded them of the sight they had had, so they asked the captain if he could sail also a bit up on the western side of Ogre Island. It did not take long, before they recognized the place from their dreams. The captain sailed to the shore and the party got off. He promised to come every second day for six days to fetch them from this place. When in the ruins, they searched quickly the area, but nothing special was found.

They took one of the three paths leading away through the hedges. Quite soon a flesh-eating plant attacked Dormin. Urded, who was next to Dormin attacked and killed the Pamaltelan Elf-Trap with three blows. Then Warran healed Dormin, while Laghlar killed a second similar plant. The path ended to a small clearing and six different paths led from it, one of which they had arrived. They selected one, but it ended in dead-ends, so eventually they had to come back to the clearing. A second path led to an opening, where a huge (SIZ 40) frog was eating some kind of mushrooms. It got bigger in size with each mushroom, and then attacked the party. Dormin hit it heavily, maiming its legs, but then Warran killed it with a single blow (01!) to its head. They took the mushrooms, as they most likely were valuable. The path led forward to a clearing with a burning bush, and also the branches they took with them kept burning. When continuing forward, the paths all ended in dead-ends and they had to return to the six-path clearing.

A third path was selected, and when continuing forward, there were four flying mini-dinosaurs waiting for them in an opening. They immediately attacked the party. The Dinos were very dangerous enemies, as they had two attacks and dodged. Already on the first round it was seen that now the party was in big trouble, as Warran fell unconscious with his left leg severed. On the next round Dormin missed his parry, and his right leg got severed, making also him unconscious. No it was looking bad, as only Laghlar and Urded were left against the four Dinos. When the Dinos dodged away Laghlar's hit, they bit now his left leg off, killing Laghlar after two rounds in blood loss. The only remaining fighter, Urded, cast a lightwall to protect himself against the four charging Dinos. When Dormin died of blod loss, he made a Divine Intervention, and suddenly all were fit again and loaded with Bladesharp 5 and Protection 5 spells, giving the group a new chance on killing the Mini-Dinos. Still with all this extra strength, Laghlar fell the claws of the Dino, and fell down on his back. But he continued fighting from the ground and surprised the Dino, killing it. Dormin had got even more potent spells on him, so he also slayed one Dino. The next round was the first where nothing happened, but the Dormin killed one Dino and Warran killed the last of the Mini-Dinos. With this extra help, the Dinos were killed, but the cost was high for Dormin. Urded healed Laghlar, and the party could continue forward. This time they had chosen the right path, and it didn't take long before they found the huge tree all had seen in their dreams.

Warran noted that his 1-h sword handling, evaluate and first aid had become better, and that his hearing had become more keener.

What would happen when they went into the tree???
Read on how the party killed some chaos on their trip back to Pavis along the Zola Fell river.


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A picture with runes which makes this 
page look cool ;-)