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Chapter 1


A wealthy and respected Real Citizen, Dormin Flashback, had hired Warran to act as his bodyguard on his journey to Corflu. On same boat were also a two other passengers, a thiefly riverman, called Urded Asso and Laghlar, an Issaries merchant. It was a typical small sailing boat, used on the Zola Fell River by travelers and as cargo transports. On the fourth day, when they had come somewhere between the North and Great Bogs, a huge sea serpent appeared and started to swim towards the boat. On Dormin's command, Warran shot a few arrows on the creature, but the arrows just disappeared when hitting it, doing obviously no damage. The crew jumped the ship, trying to swim for safety. When the serpent came up besides the ship Dormin tried to hit it, but the small piece which was cut away started to move indepently, like it was regenerating. This was really discouraging. The serpent crushed the boat and it started to sink. Dormin furiously opened up his armor, trying to free himself from the extra weight when then trying to swim for land. As Warran could not swim he searched for somehitng to hold but did not find and started to drown as also Dormin and the merchant and surprisingly also Urded....
Warran woke up as something touched him, when he was laying on mud close to a river. The baboon that was close to him shuggered off, as Warran woke and started to get up. There were seven baboons on the shore, looking at Warran, and to his surprise also Dormin and Urded and the merchant. When Warran got up and looked at the others, the baboons backed off, still looking at them from a distance. Urded shot an arrow against the leader, and the baboons fled into the high grass. The merchant was still unconscious, and had to be carried by Warran and Dormin. Urded thinks they are in the Zola Fell delta, close to Corflu, but with no idea in which direction. They argued and in the end decided to walk straight to east as that direction looked the most promising, into the high grass. It was Dormin who noticed that he had three runes on his right palm, Runes, and when the others also looked on their palms, they found similar runes. Even the unconscious merchant had them. The Runes were dark blue in color, like tattoos. After walking a short distance, suddenly Urded who was in the front sank into soft earth. Dormin and Warran rescued him from there, and a new argument started how they would try to find local people. In the end they decided to walk back to the river and follow it, hoping to meet local fishermen, as it was obviously too risky to just walk in the high grass. After returning to the river, they started to follow it and after walking maybe an hour, the saw a small boat, a cork with two fishermen in it. They shouted and the fishermen rowed to the group. The locals, Dagis and Zarky from Corflu asked what on earth were we doing in the middle of the marsh? Dormin told them the story on how the serpent had sank their ship and how they had woken up here on the riverbank. Zarky sent Dagis to get a bigger boat, as the cork could only carry two men at a time. When Zarky heard the whole story, he wanted it to be told to Sa'ar, a local Zola Fell priest. He also told that the Lunarís in Corflu were hostile against foreigners, some have just disappeared, so he recommended them not carry big weapons and try to use local clothes. Soon Dagis came with a bigger boat and they were taken to Corflu. Zarky had seen the runes, and invited the group to stay in their hut in Corflu.
The first thing they saw of Corflu, was the big palisade against the small city on the rocky island. They fell in bed when they came to Zarky's hut. In the afternoon a newtling came to meet them, and wanted to hear their story. He told a long and strange story after he had meditated a while, about River Voices, that the legends had told about. Also he asked them to come to the Zola Fell altar in the evening. Dormin had heard that the Lunarís were digging something big, so he asked Zarky to row him there, as he wanted to see what it was. The thing turned out to be a huge old statue of a head with one great eye and mouth. The diameter was close to 100 feet.
In the evening they went to the altar, wanting to learn more about their runes in their palms. There Sa'ar made the ceremonies to the surprisingly big congregation of about 80 humans, newtlings and fish. They learned that the water rune was for the spell "Breathe Air/Water", while the eye was a matrix for "River Eyes" and the third was for "Fireshield". The Fireshield was only usable for Zola Fell initiates. These runes were obviously made by Zola Fell himself, as nobody else could have saved their lives. During the ceremonies the runes got a small glow in them. All the initiates wanted to touch the group, as they for sure were blessed by their god, Zola Fell. Sa'ar asked for a favor from the party. The local newtlings worked for the Lunarís, drenching the grounds, but Mudsharks often attacked them. As the party seemed to be good warriors, he asked if they could kill the mudsharks. They knew where the lair of the mudsharks was, so it would just be to go there and kill them. The only problem could be that the entrance was submerged, even if the lair itself was above water. This kind of favor was one you could not say no to, so the party accepted.
Next morning they were taken by boats to the lair. As it was dark inside the lair, they had asked for some help. One of the fish priests would cast lights on their helmets, thus making it possible for them to fight in the lair. Warran and Urded came in without any problems, but Dormin took a deep sip of water, making him cough when finally on the other side. Warran and Urded had barely come on stable ground, when two mudsharks appeared from the tunnel. Warran immediately criticalled and hit one of the legs from his opponent, while Urded hit in the hindquarter, making it lame. On the next rounds both killed their opponents, and new ones came forward. Both hit on a foreleg on their opponents on the first round. Warran then hit with a blow to the head of it but it continued fighting, while Urded got hit in his right leg, and fell down unconscious. Dormin came to replace Urded, while Warran killed the mudshark with the third hit on it. Even if Dormin made a hit, he had got a bad hit himself in his left arm, making also him unconscious. Warran then hit the killer-mudshark, and killed it. One last juvenile mudshark attacked Warran, but that was no problem for him, as he killed it with a single blow. The Zola Fell priest helped the party by healing both Dormin and Urded. Dormin congratulated Warran for a job well done. When searching deeper in the tunnel, they found some treasure, but nothing much more than one amulet. After this they returned to Corflu, where the initiates celebrated their victory of the mudsharks that had bothered them for some time.
The next day was Warran's holy day, and he protested as Dormin ordered him to follow to the Lunar diggings. There were lots of both humans and newtlings digging out the head. After observing the digging for some time the returned and Warran went to pray for Waha. It was not a great ceremony for Warran, as there was not even any shrine he could pray at, he had just to go to a solitary place and do his ceremony there. Meanwhile Urded and Dormin went to the city and identified the amulet to be a Protection 5 matrix, making more valuable than they originally thought. In the pub Dormin learned about a lunar priest who had a special mask, so he left for the Seven Mothers temple to meet him and possibly to buy it. The priest, Chorsha did not want to sell it, but Dormin made a very lucrative offer. When Chorsha had the mask with him, it turned out to be a different mask than Dormin wanted, and he refused to pay. Chorsha got angry, but left then. Dormin also made posters telling that he wanted to buy this special mask, but he got no answers. Urded had wandered off on his private affairs, and arrived in the evening wet to Zarky's hut.

After adventure Warran noted that his Swim, Scan, Search and 1-h Sword Attack had improved.

Read on how the party killed some chaos on their trip back to Pavis along the Zola Fell river.


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A picture with runes which makes this 
page look cool ;-)