List of Treasures

in The King of Dragon Pass

Last Revision: 03 December 2000

Usually, treasures may be found in four ways: By exploration, by trade, by performing a heroquest, and by a random event.


Many treasures can be found on your own tula. These are indicated on the table below. Some can be found only in specific locations; again, these are indicated. Some many be found in any location; this includes some that may also be found on your tula. Several treasures will increase the chance of finding other treasures. These include the Hunting Horn and the Tiger's Eye Necklace.


Certain treasures are held by other clans. The easiest way to obtain them is by trade. You can try to trade a treasure for a treasure, or buy them with cows or goods. Regardless of the amount you offer, the chief of the other clan may refuse the deal. Some of the richer tribes may have multiple treasures. There are a limited number of treasures avaliable in each game this way; trade too often and the game will run out. Note also that the treasures of another clan can also be offered during tribute or sponsorship negotiations.


Many, but not all, of the quests have the option to quest for an object of power. The appropriate heroquest is noted beside each such artifact. Note that the treasures obtainable from Issaries the Conciliator are avaliable for each traversal of the heropath. Also, at least one treasure is available off the beaten track.


In contrast to the other three methods of obtaining treasures, you have little control over random events. Some can be quite lucrative if you play your cards right, others, a faustian bargan. Choose wisely.

Finally, some treasures can be found in multiple ways. Most listed can be found by Trade.

Credits: Special thanks to Brian Thexton and David Harper for their additions.

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Item Properties Origin Notes
Alynx Log Helps our sheep live longer
Amulet of Consolation Helps the ring appease outsiders without angering our own people
Arim's Cup A splendid cup, made for the King of Tarsh Exploration (Tarsh)
Bag of Friendship Makes feuds harder to start
Bag of Winds Helps drive off foes when we're raided Orlanth and Aroka
Bagpipes of Ronskei Scares off trollkin in battle Exploration Can find on tula
Band of One Hundred Helps our warriors, leaders, god-talkers, hunters, and farmers in a hundred ways Kallyr's Destiny
Beard of Lhankor Mhy Improves our knowledge of precedents
Bell of Uralda Improves our luck during Earth Season Event Help neighbour with chaos creature
Bit of Kargzant Helps organize the tribe
Bit That Bound Vivamort Repels the forces of Chaos Trade
Blacktail the Bull A really fine bull, who sires more calves than normal Starting Treasure
Black Spear A mighty artifact which improves the clan's martial abilities
Board of Nails Helps keep our farmers from becoming too unhappy Issaries the Concilliator
Bullroarer Frightens horses Exploration Can find on tula
Burning Standard Helps our warriors maneuver more effectively Exploration Can find on tula
Captured Spirit Helps to perform rituals
Clay Cow Keeps our cattle herds from becoming too small Uralda Quest
Darkwind Prevents enemies from eluding our warriors in battle Orlanth and Aroka
Dragon Cart An antique cart, dating from the Dragon Empire Exploration Can find on tula
Dragonewt Armor Whoever wears it excels at all things Event
Dragontooth Spear Helps bypass fortifications and defenses
Dwarf Containers Mysterious metal cylinders from the dwarfs Exploration Trade with dwarves
Earthshaker Battle Unit Helps in raids Event Takes several seasons to develop
Eiritha's Paps Helps calm affronted people
Eiritha's Switch Helps convince bull-headed people
Elmal's Amber Turns our slings and arrows into flaming missiles Exploration Can find on tula
Ernalda's Boots Magic boots that grant wisdom to certain clan members
Ernalda's Oven Bakes bread with less grain than usual Event As normal trade
Esra's Basket Increases the yield of barley
Eurmal's Balls Juggling balls that increase our magic if we have a Trickster on the clan ring Trade
Eurmal's Shield A brightly polished shield that helps us in battle, if a Trickster's on the ring Trade
Eye Mirror Improves the effectiveness of our patrols Event Adventurers
Farwalk Sandals Tough old sandals that increase clan magic when we take them exploring Event Thieves
Fear Spirits When released, causes the enemy to flee in terror Exploration
First Arrow A flint arrowhead with great hunting powers if Odayla is on the clan ring Trade
Flesh Man A strange little puppet that helps Chalana Arroy resurrect the dead Trade
Footprints of the Wyrm Helps us explore
Full Grown Son of Blacktail A really fine bull, even more potent than his sire
Garland of Reeds Indicates our friendship with the Aldryami
Glass Coin Helps us see through the bargaining tricks of others
Godbone Bone-shaped piece of bronze, dating from the Gods War Event Adventurers
Goldeneye Horse A splendid horse which helps us maneuver in battle Exploration Grazelands only
Golden Horseshoes Helps with heroquesting, especially "Elmal Guards the Stead"
Golden Wheat Sheaf Assists with the plant lore of our farmers and healers
Grey Net Helps us take captives in battle Exploration Can find on tula
Greysage Mask A leather mask from the Knowing God that grants certain clan members wisdom Trade
Gustbran's Wheel Reduces the time needed for exploration Gustbran
Hammer of Urox Helps us smite Chaos
Hate Torch An ever-burning magic torch that grants certain clan members cunning and strength Trade
Head of Markanth Our ancestor's skull, which can terrify our foes in battle Exploration
Helm of Karse Improves the morale of our weaponthanes Event Duel with Holy Land warrior
Heort's Balm Turns the clan ring's practice of the law into magic for our herds Trade
Heort's Stone A magic stone that helps us heroquest when we are in desperate straits Trade
Horse Skull An item of prophecy Event
Horse-Spawn Bowl Helps with many of our magic rituals
Humakt's Helm Decreases the amount you need to sacrifice to Humakt Humakt the Champion
Humakt's Raven Banner Wins a battle, but the standard-bearer dies Exploration Can find on tula
Humakt's Shield Aids our fortifications Humakt the Champion
Humakt's Sword Strengthens our Humakti when our battle goal is death Humakt the Champion
Humakt's Warning Rune Warns against the Undead Humakt the Champion
Hunting Alynx Aids us in all forms of hunting
Hunting Horn Helps when searching for something Event Derryk's Destiny
Ironhoof's Chain Helps maintain good relations with the king of the beasts
Iron Plow An amazing plow that helps our farmers if Barntar is on the clan ring Trade, Event
Iron Spike Helps us as long as we oppose the trolls Event
Jar of Gods' Earth Allows one successful sacrifice each year at Ernalda's Ernalda Feeds the Tribe
Kero Fin Ice Reduces food spoilage Event Ralians
Kero Fin Kite A magic kite that flies above our tula, helping sacrifices reach the gods Exploration Kero Fin Only
Klanth of Orlanth Strengthens warriors when they charge into battle Orlanth and Aroka
Lead Eyes Warriors who die in battle strengthen clan magic Event Only with Iron Spike
Magnet of Mostal Dampens the effects of random chance Exploration Trade with dwarf renegades
Many-Birthing Cow Keeps our cattle herds from becoming disastrously small
Mist Paper When burned, creates obscuring mists
Moldy Book Helps us compose poetry Event
Motion Rune Banner An item of prophecy Event
Necklace of Axes Helps those who hate the elves
Orlanth's Rattle Helps some of our children grow up faster and become mighty warriors Trade
Perpetual Flour Provides food for two families each year Event Auction
Poem Which Must Be Eaten Helps in political situation Event Auction
Quivin's Torc A flowing gold torc that grants certain clan members great insights Trade
Ralian Jewelry Valuable, exotic jewelry Event
Red Leather Mask Helps overcome skepticism
Ring Made From Vingkot's Crown Improves our leadership abilities
Sacred Clod Powerful weapon in tribal or royal battle, but friends are as frightened as foes Event
Sacred Mark of Vingkot Designated character gains +1 bonus to Combat rating; it's a tattoo, so benefit ends with death of character
Scarf of Seven Runes A magic scarf that helps us when we heroquest to the Lightbringers Trade
Shifting Statue A magic statue that keeps everyone amused by changing shape each season Trade
Shimmering Cloak Helps us evade our foes in battle
Silver Dragon A mysterious statue from a dragonewt temple Exploration Dragonewt Wilds Only
Silver Lips of Anriar Helps overcome reluctance Event Meeting the BHT
Silver Sheep Gives our sheep more valuable wool
Silver Tongue An ancient god-part that makes it easy to maintain a Great Temple to Issaries Trade
Son of Blacktail A really fine young bull, not yet old enough to sire calves
Sorcerous Implements Humming items from the sorcerors Event
Speaking Cone Helps us contact the gods
Spirit Fetch Reduces our expenditure of magic Event Purchase
Splendorbread Adds to our magic each harvest time Orlanth and Aroka
Staff of Fortune Amplifies the effects of chance
Strong Man's Toothpick An ancient log which gives certain clan members strength and resolution Trade
Tarshite Woad Helps us burn enemy steads
Thanestriker Gives one of our best warriors the strength of three men
Three Bean Broth Helps us bargain Event Help neighbour with chaos
Tiger's Eye Necklace Helps us track things down and find them Issaries the Concilliator
Torc of Honor Other clans think more highly of us
Tornado Rope Untie the knot in battle to unleash a killing storm
Triceratops Plow Team Increases clan magic during planting season; eats as much as 24 cows Event Takes several seasons to develop
Tube of Truth-Seeking Helps discern the truth
Uralda's Milk Pot Helps with animal husbandry
Vargast's Ring Keeps our warriors happy, making it easier to recruit weaponthanes
Veil of Chalana Arroy Helps calm vengeful people
Vinga's Comb A mighty sword - if Vinga is on the clan ring, Vingans and Orlanthi gain prowess Trade
Voriof's Flute The Shepherd God's toy gives certain clan members special daring and prowess Trade
Voss Varainu Tapestry Ancient tapestry with draconic motifs, but no magical qualities
Whirlwind Jar Break the jar in battle to unleash a killing storm
White Calf Increases the fertility of our herds Event
Widebrew Gives us berserker fury when we aim to kill as many enemies as possible Orlanth and Aroka
Winking Sapphire A splendid jewel, with no magical qualities
Wolfbane Bush Keeps the Telmori werewolves away
Wyter's Staff Helps our reputation for justice and good judgement

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